Monday, June 28, 2010

2204355: SURPRISE

Things you should do today:
  • Google 2204355 and click "I'm Feeling Lucky." It will blow your mind in the strangest way. That pretty much made my day!
  • Watch this quick stop motion:

FLUFFY MC CLOUD from conorfinnegan on Vimeo.

Now there's a reason why you shouldn't get mad at the rain! :)
  • And if you like breath-taking underwater images, this video is for you: (my favorite parts: 2:20-2:35, 2:47-2:50, 2:55)

Socorro Solmar V from Darek Sepiolo on Vimeo.

Let me know what you think of the clips and the link. ;D ;D

It's been a while since I've done an outfit post because lately I've been lounging in my PJ's all day - that's summer for me! :D My first day interning was this past Monday! I'm not sure if I got to meet Delilah, because her name was not Delilah when I met her - if it was her. So....yeahhh, but I did meet a lot of the other crew and they are such friendly people! They really are different from normal people - personality and outgoing-ness wise - if y'know what I mean. They were willing to talk about almost anything at anytime, and everyone had a smile on their face when I was introduced to them. :)

Last week, I hung out at my friend Jamie's house (she's got the prettiest backyard facing a gorgeous lake!). We practiced for our upcoming "mini-recital" which is going to consist of Mendelssohn's On Wings of Song - totally recommend it! it's beautiful, and Rondo-Finale by Joseph Haydn (I think...) Jamie is the flutist and I am the pianist! I'm so excited! There's nothing like playing music with a friend. There is also going to be much cheese and intertubing! (Don't worry - not together, that would not be so... tasteful).

Anyway, here's what I wore that day! :)

(you get a peek into my room)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

a thousand words

so a few days ago, my mom went to her "Talk Time" session to practice her English with other community members and I hung out at their church's library. I didn't know the library had so many picture opportunities! I bought my biology review book, college viewbooks for researching, and old journals to stimulate my college app essay ideas, but i didn't get to any of them because I was taking pics! if you need a place for pics i definitely recommend libraries! you'd be surprised! and this one was a teeny tiny one.

i haven't seen one of these in ages - so long that i don't even remember the name... card reader things? :{

two beautiful words, right beside each other. (well animal was actually between them, but shhh...)

after taking myriad pictures, i ended up creating a story and playing around with gifs! so here we go! (anything in parenthesis is commentary)

on a warm summer day
erin decided to visit the cool library to stay
she saw some interesting books
and read em to the nooks! (i dont know if that's an actual slang phrase, but now it is!)

gif creator

then all of a sudden
a furry critter came along
and asked "can you read me a story?
i promise to get along!"

gif creator

at first erin was hesitant
and swayed to the back
but when she said "ok! i'll read you a A Kids Guide to TV!,"
mr. racoon brought his whole pack!
(sorry about the underlines... i dont know how to get rid of them)

gif creator

the daunting library animals scared erin at first
but their sweet looks and attention to her words
made getting closer so fun! (lost my rhyme D:, lemme know if you think of a word/phrase for this one)

gif creator
soon enough she made library friends like no other
and gave mr. racoon a friendly kiss
with the love of a mother
(that chair is super small, but fit me very well!)


children's books and stuff animals are wonderful! :)

outfit details
cardigan - papaya
dress - hollister
shoes - at a garage sale for a buck (brand new too!) :)

song of the moment
one night only - say you don't want it (featuring emma watson)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

because every girl likes to dress up :)

remember this gal - anna - from a post a while back?...

well, i got to see her recently in a longgg time (i think it's been... 2 years?! oh wow.. that's longer than i thought :-O). and the simple dress she wore totally reminded me of miu miu's fall/winter 2010 collection! maybe it's the cut, the bright colors and the jewel details, but anywho, you are too cute anna - too cute.

click images to enlarge

the bursts of color embellished with meticulous details on a simple frock are just rockin. i really like the bold, retro style of the flowers and dress design mixed with that tech-y silver color - an innovative yet feminine combination!

via fallie

here's a behind the scenes-ish video of W magazine's photoshoot for miu miu:

and now some news for ya'll. :)

(click images to enlarge)

A few weeks ago, a fellow blogger friend invited me to join and I was like 'I ain't makin' no random accounts,' but this one is something I really like and it's totally relevant to people who like dresses and or who enjoy getting their voice heard in the fashion industry.

Sway lets normal girls be the fashion buyers and designers: when you make an account, you get to vote for looks that you like and critique them. Then, the look with the most votes will be produced to go on sale and be sold to members for 24-hours at a discounted price. After the "flash sale," the items will be sold at full retail price for non-members.

You can check out this behind the scenes video of their photoshoot. Nice cinematography eh? (I don't know the 'correct' term, but what I mean is the video scenes, angle, etc.) :)

Sway is launching in the Fall, so sign up soon! :) And if you'd like to join, you can become a member via my personal invite. And invite your friends as well! A nice incentive: if any of your friends buy a dress, then you get one free, too. :)

Wow, that was a longgg post! Eek! I hope you have a great friday!

Song of the moment -
Barcelona - It's About Time (i need to add that to my playlist, but you can find it here)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


sorry i haven't been updating as frequently! somehow, there's always so many tasks to fulfill and i get bogged down with a lot of stuff. it's all good stuff, but sometimes i dont even know what's going on in my life. D:

but to break it down, i am currently college researching and refining my list of colleges to apply to! it's mucho research but i'm really enjoying it! it's exciting to think that i may be attending one of these schools in a year! :)

nevertheless, it's been rather overwhelming because there's so much i want to do and so much i want to achieve that i just want to stop sometimes. i feel like i won't get into my dream schools and like i'm just so far gone or something... meep. i'd appreciate your wishes and prayers for me to "just keep swimming"!

(my post is going to be generally incoherent because it's late at night, but anyway)

there's something about God that always makes things better. college stuff has really overwhelmed me, but i keep reminding myself that the victory is already won and that god has amazing plans for me (and for you, too obvi). :) as a matter of fact, they're so amazing that i can't even conceive how awesome they are. man, i can't wait to live that dream, and i hope i'm going on that path! that knowledge and my excitement for life just leaves me in blissful speechlessness. :]

so i must remind myself, even when things are rough, everything happens for the best and it's gonna be alright wherever i go. :) thanks God! phew! :)

"'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.'"
- Jeremiah 29:11-13

anyway, i dont have a fashion-y post todee; i've been in shorts and a tee lately since there's been no school. :P but here's some artistic pieces of inspiration i came across recently :)

by swedish designer Bea Szenfeld

i love the way these look like oil or gouche - i hope that's how you spell it - paintings! i love the simplicity and everything. :)

mickey mouse club boy from america's funniest homes videos:
you HAVE to see this!!!! I LOVE THIS BOY!! i wish we could all live life like this. M-I-C-K-E-Y MICKEY MOUSE!!

and for more classy cartoon mouse goodness:

have an utterly awesome day!! :)

song of the moment -
i have too many songs going in my head right now:
the kooks - naive (on my playlist)
michael jackson - man in the mirror
florence and the machine - cosmic love (the music video is stellar)

have an utterly awesome day!! :) (i told you this would be a sporadic-y post) :P

Friday, June 18, 2010

60 something days of summer

so it's been 2 days since i haven't had to wake up to my relentless alarm clock at 6:06 am - i'm lovin it! and in just a couple of days, i'll be starting my internship and then in a month i'm off to korea, so i've gotta play hard now or never! thus, i went to my friend's amazing house and watched my friends intertube - i wasn't jealous because the water was freezing cold, hence the huge jackets. today's post is more of a personal, nostalgic, end of the year post! enjoy :))

(and the title of the post is referring to the movie, and summer vacation is about 60 days ish - just in case you didn't catch that) :)

we are "high on hello kitty popsicles" as my science teacher would say.

sydney is always school cool with her coolio jeggings.
(my eyes are like lines in this pic. seriously.)

rockin' the box-y look!

AP English was a goot class. or should i say, an exquisite period of my day that is unforgettable. meh, i tried to use vivid, connotative verbs, but it was just redundant. let's just say, it was one of my favorite classes and i always looked forward to english. yeah!

supa fly

me fav seniors got dressed up for the final presentations for spanish class. :) their presentation was on frida kahlo (uni brow? yea yea?)

passed Spanish 4 (AP Spanish!)

rockin' the grayy

we love espanol (with a tilde)!!

holla for da azns.

my fav pic of the day.

i like this picture a lot. i think it's senior photo worthy. :)) what a perty ladee.

she's not only ON a boat, she's driving one! ;)


EPCO concert: one of the first violinists. she is rockin' and her dress was gorgeous like her music!

art appreciation club love!

waddup queen lizzie?


have a great weekend! this saturday my mom and i are having a garage sale and i can't wait! i love garage sales (the ones that actually sell good stuff, not junk) and doing garage sales! more pics to come. peace out bloggers!

song of the moment -
home - edward sharp and the magnetic zeros (on my playlist)