Saturday, July 31, 2010

Class of Fash D17: Another Day in the Sun :)

Yesterday was my last day interning with WARM and we celebrated by bowling at Lucky Strike Bowling Alley! My score totaled to 70ish, and I was the worst of the group, but I improved from last time I think! I kept getting 7's and 9's - yes, I didn't get one score that wasn't a 7 or 9 - but no spares or strikes! I was waiting for my glorious moment so I could do my Michael Jackson moon walk dance. But oh well, I still did a little bit for my friend at the end. :D I'll never forget my days at WARM! :)

Today, after being somewhat scolded by my boss at the tutoring center I work at, I was lucky enough to hang out with my friend Anna! I have probably mentioned her the most on my blog (in this post announcing her new blog, and in the post about Miu Miu's S/S 2010 collection). :) We took pics at the same place where I took pics of Jamie. Once again, a thank you shout out to Ellen Go (awesome lady who took my senior photos) for introducing me to this place. :D

But before I share those pics, here's today's Class of Fashion pick!

Click images to enlarge!

Anna Ohyama :)
Her shoes are from Rite Aid! You'd never guess right? They look just like Toms!

Her white tee is from Fashion Night Out and bag from Guess.

Now for a photo bonanza.

I like this one a lot: It makes me say "Oh yo so cyoot" really fast.

The next few are my favorite from the bunch:

This one is so cute:
And this one:
And this one:
Oh and this one:

This place looks like a land of fairies! I feel like pretty tiny fairies will pop out any second!

Anna took these snazzy photos of me. ;) I think she is a better photographer than me! You're really good at this my friend! xD She makes my nerdy work outfit look neat-o.
I really wish I brought another outfit to wear. Maybe nerdy tutor fashion = new trend?
I'm sorry I covered my face in the next one; it just had to be done. I was trying to open my eyes but because of the sun in my eyes, I ended up squinting and looking very strange, but you are an amazing photographer Anna! Seriously! Especially for not owning a camera!

I found those sunglasses in the grass, but I think they're a size too big for me. :P
I like this one a lot: :]

Me in my suh-mokin' tutoring outfit. I think this photo is my favorite of myself!: :D

Thanks Anna! :]] I hope you like the pics! I spent a lotta time editing em. You're so pretty. :) There were some other flower photos, but I didn't have time to work on those. I would like to say I'll post them next time, but I'll be in Korea with mucho new photos to upload! YahhOoOoO!!!

I've been mentioning in a lot of my latest posts that I'm going to South Korea in August and the time has finally come! In just two nights, I'll surrounded by fellow asians! For months I've been telling myself and other people that I'll be going to Korea in the summer, but it's so weird now that it's finally here.

I can't quite describe the feeling, but it's very tingly. And when I thought about how I'll be surrounded by my family - I mean family as in real relatives, not just "fellow asians" - especially my dad, I cried a little inside. I don't share this often, but it's been a year since I last saw my dad. He's situation is "interesting" and I'll leave it at that. He's an... "interesting" man, but nevertheless, it makes my cry a little to get to see him and be with him. :)

Anyway, next post, I'll be in South Korea! Get ready for lots of travel pics and possibly street fashion photos! :)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Class of Fashion: Summer Edition?... Surprise! + Seattle Menageries

Recently, when I attended the Bellevue Arts Fair (where I spotted Mr. Ken Jennings and got my free Jamie Cullum tix), I also spotted some snazzy outfits and this gal is just one of the chic outfits that caught my eye. This is the first time I asked a real stranger for a fashion photo! When I asked if I could take a pic of her for my fashion project, she looked at me like "uh...what is going on?," but she didn't say no, so that's a good thing right? I loved the bow on her dress and the denim-y blue hue. Her glimmering accessories complemented the toned down image of the rest of her outfit. :)

Click images to enlarge!

Other news, my friend Isabelle and I went out on the town and it was dandy! We saw the Kurt Cobain & Andy Warhol exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum, but unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera to this amazing adventure! D:<
  • First we babbled about random goodness like how she is taking Ballroom dance lessons with her 5th grade brother and she has to duck when they do twirls.
  • An overly friendly woman tried to help us around town, but she got a wee bit creepy after constantly checking up on us every minute or so.
  • Then we checked out the Kurt exhibition after passing scaring African tribal figurine art thingies.
  • In the exhibition, there was this interesting DVD projection of this woman dancing awkwardly in a mall dancing to "I Will Survive" and "Smells like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana (two very different songs). You can't hear the music, so you have to guess which song she's dancing to. I definitely learned some new dance moves - "hands in your pocket and shake yo body" dance! ......

  • There was also this wall where you could clip pictures of yourself that you took in this photo booth. Here's two of the four pics we took in the booth :D

    create avatar

  • After the exhibit, we walked a block over to Post Alley, the famous wall with wads of chewed gum all over it! There were some interesting things on the wall! You'd expect just gum since it's the "gum wall" but there was money - mostly pennies, even Canadian coins, stickers, and people spelled words out with the gum!
  • Then we walked right around the corner to find Pike Place Market and took a picture with this very gruff voiced classic fisherman man. :) He was a cool guy!!
  • I bought a scoop of Huckleberry ice cream at Shy Giant Frozen Yoghurt. Man it was scrumptious. Tasted like creamy, milky blueberry with real berries.
  • Everything was really bright because the shine was a-shining and there were flowers above the low buildings, emitting beautiful colors of magenta, pink, green and indigo! Isabelle was kicking herself for bringing her black and white camera.
  • While waiting for the bus home, I took a pic of her new snazzy J. Crew shoes (I must

  • & lastly, on the bus ride home we played with frame effects on my cell phone's camera.

    The results:

  • create avatar

    It's snowing!... in my mouth?

    Apparently this is my "$$$ Gang$ta" face.... & that's Isabelle looking pretty in every photo...

    Now this is my cell phone background. :]
    I can't wait to share the pics Isabelle took with her classy cam! I'll share those with you when they're developed! :)

    Monday, July 26, 2010

    For the Love of Music

    This weekend was full of some suh-weet (do I saw that too often? xD) surprises! I was interning at WARM as usual; they were giving away Jamie Cullum tickets and they just offered them to me! So all of sudden my rather bland weekend was spiced up - although when I actually went there I mostly smelt gross cheese and champagne (it was at a beautiful but smelly winery).

    Honestly, I didn't know who Jamie Cullum was until that day, but I'm so glad I found out! Def listen to "I'm All Over It" (first song on my playlist)! He's a British jazz singer/piano player who also won a Grammy and he has the most mesmerizing voice ever - but I guess many professional singers have the most mesmerizing voice when you hear them live. xD

    Anyway! I just loved him! He's quite tiny too! He was like a Michael J. Fox for jazz - you gotta admit, MJF was quite the cutie in his time.

    Mr. Jamie Cullum. :)

    The following photos I took at the concert :)

    I do look sad in that photo, but I promise I was not sad at all!! Free concert - wahaa!

    Evidently, I like sun flare. :)

    Chateau Ste Michelle - a grrreat venue, just expect a big and continuous woof of grody cheese smell.

    Do you see Mr. Cullum? :)

    I didn't take this picture, but he jumped off that piano like he did in this snazzy pic! He's a peppy man!

    Washington is byooteeful!

    Other fantaz news!: The same day I got the Jamie Cullum tix, I saw KEN JENNINGS - the guy who won hundreds of thousands of dollars (maybe even a million?) on Jeopardy! I don't think he was super stoked that I recognized him. Our conversation went like

    Me: *taps his shoulder* "Excuse me? :D Are you Ken Jennings?"
    Mr. Jennings: *slowly nods head with closed mouth smile*
    Me: "C-can I take a picture with you?"
    Mr. Jennings: (I think he said something like) "Only because I like your station's format" (I was wearing my WARM 106.9 t-shirt).

    and then this lady who was with him was ready to take the picture and I actually have this part recorded - I don't think he liked that either - but Blogger isn't working with me so that'll be uploaded next time. >:( Here's the pic though!

    I don't like the shadows. :(

    I've mentioned my mini flute and piano recital quite a few times but once again, I will post all the pictures in my next post! There's too many beautiful photos (and a Class of Fashion summer edition - I actually asked someone on the street this weekend!). So look forward to that! :) I posted a video of my friend and I performing Rondo-Finale, but here's our main piece of the evening:

    "On Wings of Song" by Felix Mendelssohn
    *do tell me your thoughts of the performance! I spent many hours practicing! :)

    And because it's been ages since I've done an outfit post:

    *click to make image larger! :) (That's Mr. Howard)

    tank top - BCBGeneration
    dress - Abercrombie and Fitch
    Mr. Howard - one of a kind sample toy thing from 1980 (my mom used to work at a toy company back in the day)

    Just for fun -
    Yahoo Search Commercials

    One of my favorites! I don't see this one very much on TV anymore though. :(

    song of the moment -
    All Over It - Jamie Cullum (on my playlist - with the music video as well!)

    PS. Sorry for the recent delay in blog posting! I wish I had more time to blog, but interning, getting into the swing of my first paid job, college researching, and mucho mas has been taking up my free time more than I want it to. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated. :)

    PSS. Wow. This has been one hodgepodge of a post! I hope you enjoyed it!