Monday, July 26, 2010

For the Love of Music

This weekend was full of some suh-weet (do I saw that too often? xD) surprises! I was interning at WARM as usual; they were giving away Jamie Cullum tickets and they just offered them to me! So all of sudden my rather bland weekend was spiced up - although when I actually went there I mostly smelt gross cheese and champagne (it was at a beautiful but smelly winery).

Honestly, I didn't know who Jamie Cullum was until that day, but I'm so glad I found out! Def listen to "I'm All Over It" (first song on my playlist)! He's a British jazz singer/piano player who also won a Grammy and he has the most mesmerizing voice ever - but I guess many professional singers have the most mesmerizing voice when you hear them live. xD

Anyway! I just loved him! He's quite tiny too! He was like a Michael J. Fox for jazz - you gotta admit, MJF was quite the cutie in his time.

Mr. Jamie Cullum. :)

The following photos I took at the concert :)

I do look sad in that photo, but I promise I was not sad at all!! Free concert - wahaa!

Evidently, I like sun flare. :)

Chateau Ste Michelle - a grrreat venue, just expect a big and continuous woof of grody cheese smell.

Do you see Mr. Cullum? :)

I didn't take this picture, but he jumped off that piano like he did in this snazzy pic! He's a peppy man!

Washington is byooteeful!

Other fantaz news!: The same day I got the Jamie Cullum tix, I saw KEN JENNINGS - the guy who won hundreds of thousands of dollars (maybe even a million?) on Jeopardy! I don't think he was super stoked that I recognized him. Our conversation went like

Me: *taps his shoulder* "Excuse me? :D Are you Ken Jennings?"
Mr. Jennings: *slowly nods head with closed mouth smile*
Me: "C-can I take a picture with you?"
Mr. Jennings: (I think he said something like) "Only because I like your station's format" (I was wearing my WARM 106.9 t-shirt).

and then this lady who was with him was ready to take the picture and I actually have this part recorded - I don't think he liked that either - but Blogger isn't working with me so that'll be uploaded next time. >:( Here's the pic though!

I don't like the shadows. :(

I've mentioned my mini flute and piano recital quite a few times but once again, I will post all the pictures in my next post! There's too many beautiful photos (and a Class of Fashion summer edition - I actually asked someone on the street this weekend!). So look forward to that! :) I posted a video of my friend and I performing Rondo-Finale, but here's our main piece of the evening:

"On Wings of Song" by Felix Mendelssohn
*do tell me your thoughts of the performance! I spent many hours practicing! :)

And because it's been ages since I've done an outfit post:

*click to make image larger! :) (That's Mr. Howard)

tank top - BCBGeneration
dress - Abercrombie and Fitch
Mr. Howard - one of a kind sample toy thing from 1980 (my mom used to work at a toy company back in the day)

Just for fun -
Yahoo Search Commercials

One of my favorites! I don't see this one very much on TV anymore though. :(

song of the moment -
All Over It - Jamie Cullum (on my playlist - with the music video as well!)

PS. Sorry for the recent delay in blog posting! I wish I had more time to blog, but interning, getting into the swing of my first paid job, college researching, and mucho mas has been taking up my free time more than I want it to. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated. :)

PSS. Wow. This has been one hodgepodge of a post! I hope you enjoyed it!


nickyboutique said...

Thanks for your comment :)
Very cool that you went to the concert of Jamie Cullum!
And I think your pics look nice!

Zaia said...

i love jamie,he has a realy cool style of music, and dressing style too!
concerts are one of the things i prefer in life, that looked awsome and your pictures are so sunny, love it!

Claire said...

Hi erin! Lucky you to be there. cool song and pics.

XoXo & thanks for visiting

libys11 said...

oh wow.. free concert to see him? that's awesome!!! :D lucky you! :D love your dress, dear! :)

Animated Confessions

Sara Lynn said...

lol I love posts like these! You seem to be having a lot of fun, Jamie is cuuuute! I love your outfit pic too! Really cute ;)

S.Elisabeth said...

Gorgeous post! And your playing is lovely.

Ah so fun that you got to go to a free concert! And you met Ken Jennings, haha I'm sure he's not thrilled with his minor celebrity! But at least he took a picture with you!

Rachel said...

Great photos!
It looks like it was such a fun time!

La Société de Mode | The Fashion Society said...

Just watched the piano/flute video. such a beautiful piece!

keep up the great work! you're so cute!!


Ali said...

Awesome pictures. I love hodgepodge posts, they're like little adventures! I am loving your dress, so blue and lovey! :D

Anonymous said...

I would like to exchange links with your site
Is this possible?

Amber Rose said...

Hello darling! Lovely lovely posts as always:) Have a fantastic day!

Amber Rose

J. said...

HAHA! I love that last commercial!

Great post!

Tony Wang said...

Liking the dress - how uncharacteristically A&F - it's really quite cute!