Friday, July 30, 2010

Class of Fashion: Summer Edition?... Surprise! + Seattle Menageries

Recently, when I attended the Bellevue Arts Fair (where I spotted Mr. Ken Jennings and got my free Jamie Cullum tix), I also spotted some snazzy outfits and this gal is just one of the chic outfits that caught my eye. This is the first time I asked a real stranger for a fashion photo! When I asked if I could take a pic of her for my fashion project, she looked at me like "uh...what is going on?," but she didn't say no, so that's a good thing right? I loved the bow on her dress and the denim-y blue hue. Her glimmering accessories complemented the toned down image of the rest of her outfit. :)

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Other news, my friend Isabelle and I went out on the town and it was dandy! We saw the Kurt Cobain & Andy Warhol exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum, but unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera to this amazing adventure! D:<
  • First we babbled about random goodness like how she is taking Ballroom dance lessons with her 5th grade brother and she has to duck when they do twirls.
  • An overly friendly woman tried to help us around town, but she got a wee bit creepy after constantly checking up on us every minute or so.
  • Then we checked out the Kurt exhibition after passing scaring African tribal figurine art thingies.
  • In the exhibition, there was this interesting DVD projection of this woman dancing awkwardly in a mall dancing to "I Will Survive" and "Smells like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana (two very different songs). You can't hear the music, so you have to guess which song she's dancing to. I definitely learned some new dance moves - "hands in your pocket and shake yo body" dance! ......

  • There was also this wall where you could clip pictures of yourself that you took in this photo booth. Here's two of the four pics we took in the booth :D

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  • After the exhibit, we walked a block over to Post Alley, the famous wall with wads of chewed gum all over it! There were some interesting things on the wall! You'd expect just gum since it's the "gum wall" but there was money - mostly pennies, even Canadian coins, stickers, and people spelled words out with the gum!
  • Then we walked right around the corner to find Pike Place Market and took a picture with this very gruff voiced classic fisherman man. :) He was a cool guy!!
  • I bought a scoop of Huckleberry ice cream at Shy Giant Frozen Yoghurt. Man it was scrumptious. Tasted like creamy, milky blueberry with real berries.
  • Everything was really bright because the shine was a-shining and there were flowers above the low buildings, emitting beautiful colors of magenta, pink, green and indigo! Isabelle was kicking herself for bringing her black and white camera.
  • While waiting for the bus home, I took a pic of her new snazzy J. Crew shoes (I must

  • & lastly, on the bus ride home we played with frame effects on my cell phone's camera.

    The results:

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    It's snowing!... in my mouth?

    Apparently this is my "$$$ Gang$ta" face.... & that's Isabelle looking pretty in every photo...

    Now this is my cell phone background. :]
    I can't wait to share the pics Isabelle took with her classy cam! I'll share those with you when they're developed! :)


    musings said...

    that was so much fun! we really should go meander around seattle again.

    and i like your street style post! you should do it at all of your WARM events :)

    Anonymous said...

    That dress is gorgeous! Photobooth photos are the best.

    Ali said...

    Bahaha, I love camera effects! The mustache and clown faces especially.

    That sounds like a fun day and I can't believe you asked someone, I would never be brace enough! She looks a little stiff awww. XDD! but the bow on her dress is adorable.

    J's said...

    Thanks for your comment!
    I like your dress.

    Robyn said...

    There is so much to comment on! Sounds like a very eventful time. Love the girl whos outfit you snapped. LOVE the J Crew shoes. I always forget they have shoes. Going to their website now...

    indigotangerine said...

    I saw the Kurt and Andy Warhol exhibit a few months back. Overall I wasn't blown away (nothing beats the Calder exhibit SAM had awhile back!) but the elizabeth payton portrait was mind blowing. I loved the interactive photo project, there is definetly a shot of me and tangerine and our friends pinned up there!