Sunday, October 28, 2012

so right now

(Train is so catchy. screw you ford commercial that intruded my intimate family guy time and made me powerfully addicted to this one song) 

(the studio version, which i much prefer over drunk man screaming in background)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

night at the museum with warhol in the 60s

let the world know that i am sick. it is true. i feel like the neverending downfall that is college midterms has not subsided for about 5 milleniums, and it feels like an extra 5.5 milleniums with the extra magical touch of being sick to act as that glaze on the ceramic--you know what i mean. 

it's 2:06 am and i really wanted to record tonight because it was so good. just so good. as a member of college group at the met, i have the awesome opportunity to help put on events at the--THE--metropolitan museum of awesome art. 

tonight we held an event for the met's warhol exhibit (sixty artists, fifty years) and it was off the chain. with hundreds of the most good looking and well dressed college students strolling into the great hall, it was definitely a party up in there. since the exhibit and event was all about warhol, well, guests were expected to get into relevant garb. 

i was really excited to dress up because i LOVE the 60s. black and white photography, edie sedgewick, mod, black and white and some more black and white, that's all up my alley yo. i wanted to try some twiggy eye lash eye liner make up, but turns out, it doesn't look so flattering on the asian face. (#storyofmylife) but i was just as pleased with my bouffant and i received lots of compliments for the outfit!

and to think that just 3 hours before this i was doing work in my bed looking like this (this was literally taken 3 hours before the above photo as i was doing work in my bed looking like this). 


as tours coordinator, i am super lucky to get to research as much as my heart desires on the exhibition and its pieces (that could sound sarcastic but i'm totally honest here). i can tell you a whole lot about "Red Jackie" by Warhol and Jeff Koons' "Michael Jackson and Bubbles." and i stood around the exhibit, having curious passerby-ers ask me questions. it was extremely flattering when a guy thought i was an art history major and said i should change my major to art history.

another stand out moment of the night was when i was just chillin in the exhibit, waiting for people to talk to me/ask qs, and a lady gets pretty close to me until she steps back and says "OMG. I thought you were a piece of art!" it was a very shocking, awkward compliment. never thought that would happen in my life. one day, i should do a project to just dress nice, and stand still in the middle of an exhibit--warhol said 'art is anything you can get away with'!

but as always, the best best part was seeing good chums. i don't like to put up random photos of friends on here, but these are just such good looking fellas that i can't NOT put them here. they are a work of art.

just look at them. ok one more photo because they are that dapper (and also because i heart them).
really, what a "well-manicured" couple, as my roommate would say. 

speaking of my roommate WHOOMP THERE SHE IS. (i look so whatever in this pic, BUT AINT SHE A NICE COLLECTION OF HUMANITY AND CHIC? ugh it is always too much too handle living with such a gorgeous specimen.)

alright and just because he is so good looking again. #sorrynotsorry and just so you know, this is a typical day in the life of a nyc gal: embracing the beautiful gay men, just, simply, embracing them. but in all seriousness, alex and kyle are some of the nicest people i know, so their beauty is all the more beautiful to me and i cannot help but share the wealth in beautiful love. <3 p="p">

and of course, "all the single ladies" (oh wait i didn't realize jackie o is in this pic too. hm. how ironic. well, i'll leave you to chew on that...)

 i also made some sick sunnies: 

so all in all: true friends, mini grill cheeses, sharing art, appreciating art, and being mistaken for both an art history major and an actual piece of art in the exhibit, i'd say this night is worthy of some "v"s (no, not the private part). 

 dress - my awesome friend isabelle, tights - my awesome friend isabelle, shoes - michael kors via marshalls

on a side note, i hope you don't mind the influx of very mediocre quality android photos. i wish i had a dslr installed in my camera. but until then, i hope these can suffice. i guess they paint a more "realistic" portrait of my life, "warts and all."

and now i will return to snorting saline nasal spray and wrapping myself in fleece and homework. sweet dreams!

song of the moment
sex machine - james brown 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

four for you: 1 coat 2 ways and other things

Now that I live in a different dorm, I don't have a go-to outfit post location to shoot, so I have resorted to my most professional spot--in front of my kitchen mirror. Hey, it's intimate. Despite not being able to utilize my DSLR, for lack of a tripod and feasible location, I do my best to make my terrible-quality android photos as classy as they can potentially be. Here are some recent outfits.


 A different coat really pushes you to think about your entire outfit. My snazzy friend Sherry let me borrow her's from Free People and I've been loving it unabashedly. It's just right for NYC's currently wonky weather. Sherry is kind of a bamf kid so I feel very bamf prone in this coat. I love clothing swaps (although this one was not so much a swap as it was a one sided deal) because I'm challenged to style my outfits a little differuntly. Maybe that's why I've been wearing it so much, I love a good challenge. YEA BUDDY. (or "GAP BODY" as I like to say with Sherry)




song of the moment

Monday, October 15, 2012

midnight muse: CB2

somehow i found a 15% off coupon to CB2 in my mailbox and although i dont think i'm actually going to buy anything, i sure am ready for christmas with a fresh wishlist. from searching for a practical shoe rack to just ooh-gling and ahh-gling over awesome things, story of my midnight life drenched with procrastination. 

i have been so involved with social media (i mean, i tweet/am the social media 'guru,' as they say, for nbcuniversal interns). i am just in love with this from CB2. it's just all of who i am right now. ALL OF IT.

that's just cute.

that's just also cute. love cool designs, sometimes wish i could just be a graphic design major all my life and days and seconds and brain cells. 

because i'm still all about media right now. IT'S AMAZING. TAKING OVER THE WORLD.

CB2 needs to stop selling awesome things.

but for some odd reason i dont think they're going to listen to my plea.

so at this point i'm just dying of desire

it's still midnight and i'm still drowning in beautiful glory

Sunday, October 14, 2012

perks of being AWESOME

As much as I might dis Seattle because the culture and shielded aura of the people are not my cup of tea, I wouldn't have changed my PNW experience for anything. I say that mostly because of the friendships I've made--I know, SO CHEESY. I've never considered myself a person capable of feeling 'homesick,' but when I built friendships like I did in Seattle and had to leave "forever," home had a whole new meaning. 

Since I moved out of the West Coast to the East Coast, basically another country, no one really visits me--understandably. BUT THIS FALL BREAK, my chum came over for the weekend from school at U of Rochester and we had a SMASHING time. Here's a photo diary of the fun. 

Fall break in the city--with friends--there's nothing like it.

#1 Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

Salty Pimp


#2 Colors of East Village 

#3 Lincoln Center

This photo reminds me of Christmas (WHICH I am BEYOND STOKED for. BEYOND) 

A ridiculous tourist-y shot because we are never able to find someone to take legit photos of us. 
You have to laugh if you look at this photo. You just have to. 

#~ when Une Paire de Oxfords meet again. because the travels never end.