Thursday, May 2, 2013

let's just do a photo diary

out of the blue, i thought i'd see how my blog was doing--as if someone might have updated it for me. i typed in the url on my browser and saw the photos from my last post "jesuit juliet" that feel to me, as if they were taken a year ago. dayum it has been hella long since i've written a blog post, or maybe reality just distorts...reality (?!?!). but now i seriously don't expect much consistency from myself when it comes to my blogspot, which is unfortunate. it's like taking care of your old stuffed animals in your room back home after going to college. maybe (?!?!). i will say that i've been writing pages on pages about alice in wonderland, social death, what reality means, what Facebook means, the ethnography of fashion blogging, yeah, let's talk about college. i love being able to learn and soaking in texts, words, someone's thoughts and identities established through prose and film. school is cool and nyu has shown me that liberty and what a true education can do and did not do for me in schooling ever before.

although most of my life as of recent has been me stringing words together on a laptop somewhere in the city, i have tried fairly consistently document my outfits. there is something about it that is exciting and familiar for me. i also just really want to share it because i have fun wearing what i wear, and i'd hope that maybe youll have fun seeing how i wore things. but clothes don't mean too much if you aren't actually living in your clothes, so here's a photo diary, or maybe let's call it a montage of how i wore my language of life in this so called world.

one of my favorite outfits. i felt so happy in this get up. bright orange, comfortable (kid's) dress (with pockets), a button down, a button down with polka dots, tights, a relevant bouffant, scissor brooch, brooch on quirky location of shirt--this is discoveries and dreams in a look for me!

more photos i took of kate nash at the wsn highlighter. she is a great storyteller and puts on a smashing, honest and personal concert--how they should be. also take a moment to appreciate those bats on her dress. kick ass-ery at its finest

trying to look elegant for Elegance at the Met Museum

french connection dress

Inwood Park

anthropologie dress, silence + noise varsity jacket, bebe purse
one of my buddies asked me to prom! it's not what it sounds like, in many more ways than one. it was for a fabulous group of nyu admissions ambassadors and i was asked by a dashing gay ginger boy and you have no idea how happy i was when he texted me. i felt like i wouldve said yes if his text asked me to marry him. 

The strap part of the dress was too long for my short body/torso/etc. so I safety pinned the straps to shorten the length. But who wants to really show their safety pin boo boo out in the open. I had dark blue earrings I had been itching to incorporate into my outfits and I finally found their moment. So there's a trick for you--earrings for buttons and brooches! Instant DIY done deal.

Song of the moment
never wanted your love - she & him (check out volume 3 on npr first listen!! google it)

also check out this amazing moodboard by the le sigh--an indie girl blog i write for! yes! more news to tell you that is relevant. the le sigh! we all sigh, we all breathe, we all love ladies and know that art is worth it so visit and browse

oh oh, i also want to tell you that i'm working on a piece of nonfiction writing that i can't wait to share with you soon. :) it will definitely--maybe--be my favorite piece i wrote this year, actually i dont know about the latter half of that sentence, but i will definitely be excite to share it. brace yourselves for a few days. in the mean time, i am on twitter and tumblr pretty regularly. hohoho, boy, do i love this city and this life.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

jesuit juliet

my bud keerthi and i broke the silence of spring break day 1 by traversing to the bronx for a romantic getaway at the new york botanical gardens. i can't relay what keerthi had in mind, but i was envisioning photos of youthfulness of girl juxtaposed with the fresh blossoms of orchids and green all around. the whimsical waves in my hair would match the wistful shapes of leaves and flower petals. but lo and behold, the gardens were closed.

as soon as we found that out, we looked at each other, thought about what we just realized, and start laughing and cackling, our demise echoed in the form of our laughter was the only thing in the air mingled with a biting cold that made my feet feel numb and wet even though they weren't. 

however, i like to think that when something devastating occurs, magic is under the works and fate is only about lay some real good shi* down and turn things around. we considered options to visit, the library? sounds dumb. so, no.what did yelp say? apparently a hot local spot is called "ok mr. poncho" that sounded ridiculous and irrelevant, so, no. 

then i realized fordham university was right near by, so we walked over, and surprisingly easily stepped onto campus and into academic buildings without anyone questioning us. but why am i surprised, i was wearing a backpack and i'm not even five feet tall and we were coming from a trip (hypothetically) from the gardens. we brought no harm, and i'm glad people could smell that. 

in one of the buzzing academic buildings, a divine light shone upon us (pictured in above photos). so thanks to the jesuit goodness of the architecture, we found plenty of space for fruitful photo jam sessions while real fordham kids were in class. not pictured here: many awkward moments of me trying to pretend i was neither posing for photos nor wearing unusual pink floral tights as students uniform in sweatshirts and jeans walked to class. 

some background as to what i'm feeling in these photos: collegiate, worn out whimsy, maybe a modern academic juliet who feels a sense of loss and longing in her singular, isolated world. she is a little out of place, a little out of mind, and a little out of love. but still living her own individual fate.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

the m in midterms stands for miserable (but this is a happy post i promise)

my blog post titles are getting longer. i dont know what that means. you can tell me though.
this week was kind of devastating in the mentally exhausting sort of way. and it's not helping that i'm starting this blog post at 12:30am. but it's ok because tomorrow is friday and i no longer have midterms. what's really funny is i technically only had one "midterm." the rest of my work this week was basically big hunks of work that decided to pretend like small-ish assignments that were actually huge-ish--basically midterms in disguise. i also think because everyone around me is collectively distraught, that i am, for some reason, justified to be distraught. i think i actually was personally distraught though. i guess i will never know, until it happens again. ew no.

BUT WHAT'S GREAT NOW is that it's all over and what better way to celebrate than by wearing my new shoes from DC's vintage store Secondi and by taking outfit photos.

so if you'll take a moment with me to check out the shoes i'm wearing...
you can observe that they kind of kick ass. i unearthed these cole haan gems (for a very reasonable price!) on my recent visit to DC for the first time. as an "american" i am a bit surprised at my soul for never visiting america's capital location, but i can now say that i have been christened as a total america; i obviously have the cole haan oxfords to prove it. 

on TOP of terminating midterms week, wearing these shoes just made me feel STELLAR. i have been dreaming of these kind of shoes for months but never found them in my size (5 or 5.5) so naturally most of my outfit photos ended up looking like...
how to make a gif

shirt - banana republic, dress - gift, tights - jcrew, shoes - cole haan via secondi

for your personal record, here are more embarrassing photos conjoined into a gif so you can appreciate my poses in which i look like i'm either going to bust someone's ass or like i just heard the start to "don't stop til you get enough" by MJ so i'm about to bust someone's ass for playing such a glorious song. 

song of the moment
dont stop til you get enough - MJ