Thursday, November 25, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving!

Within the last day, I felt a strong urged to write another blog post! ;)

Last night I went to my church's Thanksgiving Eve service and my favorite part of the service was listening to what children were thankful for. Here are some of my favorite quotes from the evening (besides the popular, but still meaningful "I'm thankful for my family and friends" ;) ):

"I'm thankful for tractors and lions." (it sounded more like twaaactoes and wye-ons)

"Bad things can be good things." (maybe it's just me, but I thought that was pretty deep for a 5-ish year old!)

This guy's was long, but it went something like "I'm thankful that God made the Earth because if he didn't make the earth, we would all be living in space and we would have no where to live, so it's nice we live on the earth."
That was killer. I laugh (and will laugh) whenever I think about that quote/kid. But it's true! Thank God we live on Earth and not in space! ;)

I also enjoyed this one lady's quote. It was something like
hen God takes something, he always gives something back."

Lots of people are probably meetin' up with our relatives whom we haven't seen in ages, or watching Macy's Thanksgiving Parade (that US Pizza Twirling team was snazzy!), but hopefully we won't forget the deeper good stuff of today--of being thankful and being able to embrace everybody!

thankfulness (n): consciousness of a benefit received

and as I close out this post, I just want to make a minimized list of what I'm thankful for:
  • for one, as I'm writing on it, my blog! i'm so glad i'm able to to have a place where i can share my stories, vent my strifes and have a venue through which i can meet other people across the globe who appreciate things that i do! which segways into...
  • i'm so thankful for those who read my blog. it just means the world to me to think that someone cares enough to spend at least a couple of moments to read what i write, see the things that i post, and to simply get to know me (hopefully creepers don't follow my blog to get to know me in the wrong ways...). anyway, this list is becoming not-minimized, so moving on...
  • school. despite the hours of sleep i have lost, and gray hairs that have grown because of my numerous AP courses and extracurrics, when it all comes down to it, i really love it. if i had an option to, i still wouldn't take less AP courses or do less activities because...i love being ambitious and doing leadership-y stuff! i'm so glad i just have the opportunity(ies) to learn and do diverse activities. plus you get to meet awesome friends and teachers! school is def one of my fav things in life and i can't wait til college. :)
  • all the activities that i am a part of: writing for my school magazine, being part of our school's broadcast class, Class of Fashion (oh yeah!), Fostering Tunes, art appreciation club (oh my gosh, so excited to see picasso's stuff in a few weeks), my past internships, just.. man! life is good and i love it.
  • time to chill. i should be doing my apps, but i felt the urge to blog, so yeah. but i really needed this time off. phew.
  • i can't believe this is on my list, but cute boys. i mean c'mon, life would be so bland without those crushes. tom felton is mah man. (just last night, i found out my parents read my blog... but uh.. oh well...) here's another link.
  • God & life. thanks for everything. :)

"If you look for something to be thankful for, you will always find it."
- anonymous

ps. here's a free owl print that you can print! :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

winter menageries

first things first! i'm sorry for the majorrr blogging hiatus. i won't be totally "back" until the start of 2011 (that's when college apps should be over!) i uber want to blog--i actually have a ton of pics to post from weeks ago and multiple class of fashion photos waiting to be editted and uploaded. but i promise my blog and CF will be running in due time, just not at this time. :)

these past few days have been fabulous even tho academics have been kicking my butt. but seattle had its first snow a few days ago and now it's Thanksgiving break (nothin' like snow days!)! today i went to nordstrom rack and bought a couple of tops! i can't wait to take pics and show you!

but in the mean time, after whipping up an AP bio presentation with my friend isabelle, she took some fabulous pictures that i've been itching to share! so i hope you like them! she's a fab photographer and blogger so fo sho check out her stuff! i promise you won't be disappointed. she's quite the photographer and fashionista.

before i share the pics from our "date," here's some of her pics in which she's wearin' my cardi! (she's the chic i have been doing clothing swaps in my latest posts). she did a whole blog post mixing and matching my cardigan to her cool stuff. :]

click images to see them in their isabelle's-amazing-photog-skills glory

now here are the photos from our shindig :):) (once again, dont forget to click - they look off-the-wall up close and personal)

"it's snowing! ( just can't see it!)"

so apparently this necklace is a lot like sailor moon's stuff.

the photographer and i. heh heh.

outfit details:
jacket - macy's
turtleneck - delias
dress/tunic-y like top - store in south korea
leggings - anthropologie
boots - papaya
necklace - ciel boutique

isabelle's jacket - juicy couture :D

also, i must say i apologize for my previous post's title. it was originally "menage a trois." i thought it was just a pretty french phrase that katy perry used in her song "last friday night" to make her song a lil classier. but it's katy perry; i should've expected more. so fortunately, my friend pointed out what that actually meant and that's gone.

i don't believe i'll be back for a few weeks so here are some blog posts of mine (and others) that should keep you excited:

my last blog post (one of my favs! and a major season shift in just a few days/weeks!)

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and my tumblr has something new almost evryday :)

these are some of my fav posts from the past 4-5 months! but there's a lot more you can feel free to browse as well. i'll try my best to at least post fun media/image posts. :)

and i hope everyone has a smashing turkey day/thanksgiving!
what are you thankful for this year? :)

song of the moment
sixth period - even stevens (i miss this show so much i am crying inside. when i'm done with college apps, i know what i'm watching to celebrate. and if you're not sure what to get me for xmas, i'd be glad to have the even stevens musical in my arms) ;) ;)

and here's some inspiration if ya needz:

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

autumn lovin'

First things first, since it's Veterans Day, I'd like to take a few moments to just thank all those who served this country. We had an assembly at our school for Veterans Day and as a local vet recalled his experience and all, it just really struck me that these people who fought for our country (and sometimes even to save other countries) are appreciative people like any of us.

'Well duh Erin, soldiers are humans too.' I know, but I mean, they appreciate every word of thanks and to say "Thank you" to every one of those soldiers is the least that I (or anyone) could do. It bugged me how kids were so restless and disrespectful towards the speaker at the assembly (a gal behind was texting like every 5 minutes) and when he asked students who had relatives who are veterans a friend of mine said "What? I don't want to stand!" I mean, c'mon!! Shouldn't we be proud of our nation?

Ok, it's almost midnight, and I'm not sure where this is going, but then I don't want to erase this just in case I am proving a point that I'm unaware of. Buttt all in all, I just want to thank our soldiers who are fighting now and those who have fought because they faced struggles unimaginable by the average person. People complain about how much homework they have, about their grades that are stinking, who's going to that party, and how they need to go shopping or facebook is crashing, but actually, what really matters? I'm glad there is a day to commemorate those who were able to think so much beyond themselves and these petty things. Without them, who knows where I/we'd be.

ALRIGHT. And in celebration of this beautiful life, the weather was gorgeous a few days ago and I took some pics! :) I had a mini-photoshoot with myself. I really want to learn bokeh. I tried to achieve the "Bokeh" effect with the green/orange leaves photos. :)

click photos to enlarge

outfit details:
dress - abercrombie and fitch
cardigan - banana republic ($8!!)
leggings - anthropologie
flats - cathy jean
necklace - ciel boutique

song of the moment -
last friday night - katy perry

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Last night was fabulous. Not because of wild raving or crazy partying, but because I met with like-minded people who loved life because it's! I feel like people try to have the craziest weekends and do wild things to make life exciting, but really, life is so awesome just the way it is! And I think hanging out with people who really want to make a difference in the world, and being surrounded by such passion, man, that's just the best thing.

To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to last night's gala that much, but I really loved it! Maybe it's because people complimented me a lot for my speaking skills during my acceptance speech (for this Asian American scholarship), but I just loved meeting new people and knowing that they wanted to meet and support me. My mom told me one lady started to cry a wee bit after my speech. ^^;;

Even though I'm Asian myself, I had always imagined the general Asian population to be a bunch of nerdy, tacky, impolite overachievers that just want to go to an Ivy League. Even though I was sure that wasn't the truth, I rarely found those Asians who were really...sincere, wonderful people, but I've finally found them and it really makes me more confident to say that I'm an Asian American. :)

Anyway, I'm just so grateful I had this opportunity--meeting new people, winning my first scholarship, speaking in front of people, and everything. I was really nervous, but in the end, it was wonderful. :) So that was my Saturday night and weekend in a nutshell!

at the gala:

Isabelle came along with me! This photo is kinda awkward, but I enjoy it.

And to link it all back to fashion, here's the outfit I wore:
Top - Kate Spade (borrowed from my friend Isabelle! She has become my quasi-stylist, if you've been heavily reading my latest outfit posts)
skirt - H&M (in Korea--not sure if H&M's are different from country to country...)

Now that I took my last SAT (last standardized test in general), I feel like I have this heavy burden lifted from my shoulders (so cliche, I know). It's just fabulous. And speaking of all this fabulousness, Halloween as also awesome! Sorry for the belated photos, but better late than never right?

and just for you:

song of the moment -
jurassic 5 - if only you knew

PS. I have a pretty sweet outfit post coming soon!
PSS. I just realized I hadn't posted a pic of myself with my haircut. So yes! I got a haircut! Haha. :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

CoF D25

I hope you had an awesome Halloween! Here are a few Class of Fashion snapshots from the past week or two!

Ilene is so adorable. I love how she balances her playful, feminine dress with a serious-bizness jacket, yet she maintains that petite cuteness.

Lena is in my math class--she's super smart, and she has this awesome grundgy/Seattle/European style that just rocks my socks. She's a bit camera shy, so I was lucky to get a few pics!

I hope you like the photos/outfits!

click images to enlarge

Senior Ilene Darahovski

Junior Lena Lenavitch

(her response to me saying "Lena! Smile!")