Sunday, September 19, 2010

A week in photos - dancin' in septemba!

Because I've been on a blogging binge, I thought "what's a better way to blog about my first few weeks a school than 'A week in photos' post?!" :D I've really been meaning to blog sooner, but that didn't really happen. But during the past week and a half, I took lots of photos for a huge blog post. :) I think this is going to happen a lot.

Friday (of last week):
As a Senior Class Rep., I got to help out in creating a poster for the upcoming ASB/Senior Class Auction! I gotta say, it was look pretty good. It felt so good to paint - even if it was only painting letters! I miss the days of old, drawing and painting all my favorite things and heading to art class after school. There's really nothing like art and the making of it, and hopefully my future can incorporate some of that love too. :)

Anyway, here's some pics my friends Maxine and Jen (both cheerleaders)! Aren't they the cutest? :]]

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outfit details:
shirt - express
skirt - store in Korea
cardigan - papaya


shirt: H&M
necklace: I don't quite remember...


shirt: Kenziegirl (thrift store)
cardigan: store in Korea
jeans: Banana Republic

necklace: gift from mom

I was so sleepy and lazy and etc. so a cozy sweater was my best option.

gif animator
I look really short in these pics. :-O

Gotta love school spirittt!! I got to help out at the concession stand of our first home football game and it was awesome! We sang some pop tunes for customers whenever they tipped us! I basically stood behind the cups filled with hot cocoa powder, but the warm weather didn't really help! Maybe it'll be a better hit next time. Anyway, surrounded by energized students, all geared in the school's colors and unified towards one cause which is essentially spreading school spirit - I like to think of it as spreading the lovee. :)

I really do have two legs...

I always know how to catch my friends at their best! (They might hate me for putting this picture up...mmm...)

song of the moment -
(because it's September and this song is groovin')
September - Earth, Wind and Fire

(Pomplamoose's cover is so much fun. I've been singing this song this whole weekend...)

PS. Be sho to check out my last Class of Fashion post too! Lemme know your thoughts about Day 22 or the project in general. :)


ching said...

cool pics. i love your harvard shirt. you girls are so colorful. :D

Kenya said...

are you studing at harvard?? I'll be in Boston next month, maybe we can meet!


Anonymous said...

u look so cute! isn't senior year the best?! :)

I'm loving it too!

love pep rallies <3

reply: yeah i love volunteering and kids :) same here! I'm so confuse with where I want to go! I love film. My passion :) ooh east coast sounds amazing!

I think I'm heading towards San Fran :) My heart is set in San Fran <3

ooh nice! I know right! busy busy

Marie said...

How cute are your outfits?!:D And don't we all just love dressing up for school spirit?:D

I am your newest follower!:D

***** Marie *****

Anonymous said...

I like the purple/floral outfit & love the neclace :)

Pop Champagne said...

love your monday outfit, and your flower necklace! So pretty!

Kenya said...

it's such a pity, I'd have loved to meet you, I'm living in Argentina but in October I'll be viiting Boston and maybe NY...

big huges :)

Jamie said...

Hahahaha Rachel in that last picture is so funny :P I love all our outfits though SCHOOL SPIRIT! YAY!

S.Elisabeth said...

Aw I love this! Glad you're having fun with school!!! The pictures are fabulous!

Bohemian said...

Cool pictures!!

Beverley said...

aw, this post has really made me nostalgic about my high school years! definitely miss all that school spirit stuff! i love that you did a weeks worth of outfits in one post! you're adorable :)

t said...

Cute skirt in the Monday outfit!

Lane :) said...

love all these looks. :)

Anonymous said...

hey girl! ahhh blogger is being glitchy and your blog hasn't been showing up on my dashboard! i'm glad your senior year is starting well! p.s. you are adorable.

Alex said...

your outfits are really cool :) I would definitely wear them!

hildrac said...

hahahaha i love that last picture of me and jamie. all our outfits were great that day!

Wendan said...

Love your school colors!

*GASP* Harvard?! Where's your Columbia shirt? Hahah just kidding... will you be coming for a tour group or anything like that or have you done it already?

Charmalade said...

Your photos and outfits are so adorable (and so you are)! I remember having fun participating in the HS school spirit (my colors were scarlet and gray!).

And POMPLAMOOSE. I love them. And that song. So much.

Toast with Charmalade