Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Weekend Me: One cardi - Two Days

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Just two more days until school starts !! I have to say, I'm a nerd for school and I'm really excited for the four AP classes I signed up for (Lit, Gov, Calc, Bio!) I will probably break down crying one night about the overwhelming workload - and then I would blog about it of course - but I'm still excited nonetheless. It always surprises me how much I learn in the long run and I'm excited to see where my knowledge leads me. Yes for school!

Besides the essential four, I'm also taking Journalism and Video Communications (our daily TV announcement-y class) so I'm super excited! Plus, half of our school is brand new and renovated! :]

And on top of that, it's senior year - i.e. the last year of high schooool! - so there's going to be lots of school spirit and fun. I just hope I'll have time and energy for it all.

Butttt (don't you like big buts?), I have a lot of college appin' to do, so your prayers will be appreciated for sure.

Heads up, I may be blogging less because as much as I love blogging - I really am on blogger all day sometimes - I have to keep my head straight with college applications and I really want to do my very best with academics! So please bear with me! I hope Class of Fashion will be up and running soon, but I'm not sure. It's really up in the air. I'll let you know once school starts! :)

Enough of my jabber, here's two outfits from the weekend! I haven't done an outfit post in agesss!

click images to enlarge

outfit details:
cardigan - street store in Myungdong, South Korea (only $10!)
dress 1 - Target
dress 2 - markets in London
shoes - cathy jean

At a restaurant, I was bored, so I started drawing with their crayons randomly and voila! I was pretty satisfied with my spontaneous doodle! :)

song of the moment -
let's bounce - chic ft. eric sermon (ending credits of rush hour 2) :) (so many good movies on TV today: music and lyrics, school of rock, and of course rush hour 2)

Friday, August 27, 2010

All I Can Say

I'm back in the United States and I miss Korea beyond words but it's quite nice to be back home. After visiting my etnic home of yucky cigarette smoke and filthy air, it was so so so refreshing to breathe Washington air again. Man, as I quote my mom "Washington's air is the air of heaven." Really.

And before I move on to my outfit post (I can't wait to show you pics!), I'm going to be sappy and type up my last journal about my pops and how he lives in Korea (it was written while I was still there):

I keep thinking about the next time I'll see you. Another year? That's even doubtful. Another year of nights playing Boggle with just mom as two empty seats - your's and bro's - stare at me. Another year of watching mom making decisions by herself. Weekends of 30 minute telephone calls with you will be the closest I get to you - unless you awkwardly learn how to Skype and do webcam chats. Another year of being without you, and it might even be longer than that.

Then I'll be off to college, I'll be busy, cuz life moves on. So four years of my best years, without you. Even if I want to see you, I'll be busy. And even if you want to see me, you can't because that's where you've made it, and that's where you'll be. Even if I were to get married, you won't be here. Even if something were to happen, you can't make it. I'll always have to go to you instead of you visiting me. Can't be you come here to stay? No. That's the way it is. You won't be here. There's just something missing. Always.

I keep thinking about if you'll be ok. I heard you have high cholesterol and you're body weight and fat percentage isn't so great - I'm not surprised. Will you be alright even if I'm not there to snatch that bag of crackers from you - as I sneak a piece for myself? All I can do is pray and look at the moon - the same moon you see at night - and hope for the best. I already miss you. My hand gets numb as tears start forming. My body feels weak and vulnerable even though you're just a few feet away as I write this, playing BaDook on the laptop.

I'll miss how you unconsciously smile as you watch your favorite Korean dramas about competitive bakery stores and Korean mafia men.
I'll miss late night cucumber massages. I'll miss eating out and you telling me to "take your time to eat everything" even though I always take over an hour to eat every crumb anyway. There's so much I'll miss. Although I entrust my worries to God, one thing is for sure - I'll miss you. I already do.

This is a mini ramble that kinda goes with the above:

Where are you?
New Jersey - my birthplace?
Korea - my ancestral place?
And definitely not Seattle...actually...

Home. I can't decide.
But home isn't a place I choose, right?

Home. I'd like one. A place where I'll stay put.

Home. Where is my heart?
It's at home, I know,
but I don't know where you are.

& noww...
I took these pics in Korea at a park-y place by my dad's apartment. :) I walked back and forth from my camera many a times for these photos.

click images to enlarge

I like this one :) It looks like I ran very far to take this photo:

Got excited with editing:

I tried to stand real tall because I thought I was too low for the camera...but I guess not.

I am quite magical:
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Outfit details:
top - H&M
shorts - Qua (Korean brand)
shoes - custom made by my uncle :)
bag - from a street store in Myungdong, Korea

In other news, school starts next week! Super excited - and overwhelmed, but it's ok. :)

song of the moment -
Baby, I'm Your's - Arctic Monkeys (I could listen to this song any day, any time)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nom nom nom

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I don't want to think about how many days it'll be til I find myself on the plane back to the U.S., but facing reality, I leave in two days and I miss Korea already. I wish I didn't have so many worries, so many tasks to do, but I have to remind myself that it's all for good stuff. I wrote in my journal some sappy words of how I'll miss Korea, but I'll save that for the next post. :]

I haven't been going out places as much because I did surgery and I'm not supposed to walk around a lot, but before the surgery, I met up with my bestest chum Jane. :)

This is when we were trying to catch a cab.
Yes, she is a strange blob.

Look at that hot bod. Sorry I'm embarassing you Jane.

Isn't her necklace so pretty? :]

Off to lunch to eat some Korean porridge (the word porridge sounds so not delicious, but it is so delicious, at least I think so).
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I ate Beef and Mushroom rice porridge. :] (Jane had Tuna I think)

And then her shoe broke and we did some intense flip flop surgery. Her sandal wasn't under any anesthesia, so I'm sure it was very painful for it.

She knows how to rock the bling.

The next two pics are my favorite of youz. ;)
(Dress - Forever21)

I miss ya everyday Jane and I'll never forget ya.
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On the subway ride home, 5 people in a row wore some shade of pink - from super hot to tickle me pink and I couldn't resist (but I had to blur their face out):

And on the way home, I took lots of outfit pics and ran back and forth setting my camera timer, etc. But I'll save those pics for the next post! (which may be when I'm back in the US, but oh well!)

Here's some good vids that should make your day if these pictures haven't already. :)

When you just want a good laugh (or want to see cute hamsters nibbling on food or want to hear quirky om nom nom music)

When you want a sweet song to dance to or if you just wanna watch pretty ladies dance, this is your song.

And one last media mumble: Alex Turner is so cyoot (lead singer of Arctic Monkeys). Watching someone make music - especially if it's music I like - is such a turn on. *swoon* (Although I have no idea what's up with the crocodile head)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's the 1000th time and it's even bolder...

The title lyrics are from Teddy Picker by Arctic Monkeys - so catchy and classy. (I think I'm growing fond of Alex Turner...)

I can't believe it's already been two weeks since I've been in South Korea (and I haven't done much college appin' or standardized test studyin', I will be in a pickle when school starts). I haven't been blogging as much as I have been hoping. I've taken so many pictures that they're piling up in the editting list! I needa nice cam so I don't have to edit my pics so much! My cousin suggests and Olympus Pen (it's a hybrid camera so it's got all the fancy functions of a DSLR but it's small and compat like a digital cam, but it's still approx. $800...).

Anyway! I met up with my cousin and she and her hubby slept over for a night. The results: a lotta pics and a new outfit! It really is so beautiful to see family again. It's been about two years since I've last seen my relatives and there's nothing as refreshing as seeing family. :)

click images to view in original size

She's like a professional model, no? ;)

More fun stuff:

We played around with photos and one of these photos is of my cousin's husband sleeping and the other is of him pretending. Guess which is which? :D


Orange juice, Arizona Ice Tea, and Ice Coffee

I think this is my fav pic of all us - and I'm wearing my new outfit they picked for me!: (I smell a future outfit post)

A few days ago it was my mom's birthday so we celebrated with some cake! More pics of the b-day celebration are coming!

Song of the moment -
Arctic Monkeys - From the Ritz to the Rubble

PS. Thanks for continuing to read my blog! It's always super exciting to read a new comment and to find a new follower! Let me know if there's something you enjoy in particular, dislike in particular, or if there's anything you'd like to see more of! G'bless! :)

*edit: I'm getting surgery today (Thurs. Aug 19th) and it'd mean so much to me if you could pray that the surgery went well. I'd rather not explain what the surgery is for because it's quite embarassing and you might laugh at me, but I'll just say it hurts a lot and I'm not allowed to walk for a few days. Wish me luck! And take care! :)