Saturday, March 26, 2011

yeea mama

two full weeks with no blogging?! oy vey.  i'm not exactly back, i am for a moment! haha. to give you a quick overview of my life, here's a few notes:
  • searching for my prom dress! was gonna get a BCBG or Betsey Johnson one but mannn, they are just outta my budget. i do have my eye on this blue and green full length dress i found at a bridal/prom store in bellevue, wa and it's on sale (but i need alterations, but anyway). i was so excited that a long dress looked good on me cuz i'm sooper short and i never imaged a long dress to work. i tried this on at nordstrom and i fell in love, but again, the $$$ was not so nice. :[ i'll let you know the verdict!
  • also looking for a prom date -__- 
  • also having intense boy issues. high school boys are stupid. but i still like them. what's up with that. i would tell you more, but apparently my parents read this. hi mom and dad. 
  • almost done with my online art course! here was my latest/last assignment (incorporate writing/words with some sort of image. i went for a watercolor image of a face of an 'everyday girl'--that was the goal at least. if you have q's about it, dont hesitate to ask!)

  • waiting on colleges! so far, i'm getting more rejections than acceptances. it's especially painful to get two rejection letters in one day, one from a school you really loved. eh oh well. i know god's got amazing plans for me (and everyone!) no matter which colleges accept me. :] i'm not a fan of posting college acceptances online, but.. i'll try to let ya know when i decide ;) hopefully i hear more good news this week!! please keep me in your prayers! this is the most intense time of my life. seriously.

  • although i aint sharing college news and divulging more about my boy probs, i can most definitely share the music i've been jamming to. i've been listening to new/old music and sleeping at 12 or 1am every night instead of doing homework. so let's make my love for music at least somewhat useful by sharing it with ya'll. just discovered Plan B (british artist) on the radio today and i especially like his song "love goes down." his album is apparently composed of songs that make up a (his?) life story. :] i have so much to say about each and every one of the songs on this playlist, but.. hopefully you just get to listen to them all.  

  • now to part ways once again. i'll chat with ya'll later! :) and i'm usually updating my tumblr and twitter so feel free to follow over there.
    song of the moment - (more like LOL of the moment)
    this video is the funniest thing i have seen in...pretty much..ever. please watch it.
    Touch My Body - Beyonce --> Tuts My Barreh - Asian Karaoke Fail
    ps. sorry for the layout issues in this post. i spent an hour trying to fix the spacing and such, but blogger isn't being so friendly right now. it's 1am. signing out.

    Saturday, March 12, 2011

    my playlist

    Ooh La - The Kooks

    Bambi - Tokyo Police Club

    Consolation Prizes - Phoenix

    Don't Go - Nouvelle Vogue

    Dance With Me - Nouvelle Vogue

    I'll Be There - Mac Miller (ft. Phonte)

    Tuesday, March 8, 2011

    well hello there

    So I have some news to break to you: I won't be "officially" blogging for a few months. I'm planning to maintain Class of Fashion since high school is almost over and I want to make the most of this project and finish that project appropriately. However, as for writing and outfit posts, you probably won't see much of that for a while. I got to thinking about what I want to do the most in my life and as I've been overwhelmed with homework, projects, college, life and just a whole load of stuff, I wanted to refocus on the stuff I won't be able to do in college like doing piano, and painting, etc. More than you know, blogging consumes a lot of my thoughts and unconsciously causes me stress so I think a break will only be beneficial. And I'm sure you can do without my photos and writing. But you don't know how much I'll miss blogging for the time being. :/ Maybe I'll miss it so much that I come back. 

    But there is also another issue; I've come to thinking, is my blog that meaningful? Is it just another "time-wasting" website? I dont want it to be a website where someone stops by and says "oh fun!" and clicks exit. But I don't think I currently have enough energy/time to make my blog that smashingly off the wall awesome. But! Hopefully when I come back, I can achieve that. I've been meaning to remodel my blog, even change the name (you gotta admit, spreading the sunshine is a lil cheesy. if you have ideas, please do holler). Anywho...

    Before I say ciao for now, I have a multitude of photos that I'd like to share before I take my break. (Hopefully these proove that I do think about blogging kind of every day/second).

    My friend Kate (my fellow Kitty Klubber if you remember) and I took some photos around my neighborhood during last winter break. :] She haz a super cool cam.

    click images to view in original size

     cardigan-Banana republic, dress-Urban Outfitters, tights-American Eagle, boots-Papaya

    Here's some shots of Kate :]


    she's kind of very adorable.

    A few posts back, I mentioned I'd be turning 18! Well some days ago...I turned 18! Haha. It's so weird to have made that crossover to an... adult. Eee. But to celebrate adulthood, what better way to party than go to Chuck E. Cheese with some friends? Here's the outfit I wore that day. :) (It was still snowy over here in Seattle!)

    top-wet seal, shorts-qua (south korea), tights-american eagle, shoes-streets of south korea
    (I received the tights and top as birthday gifts) :)

    heh heheeeh


    Speaking of birthday gifts, I also received this sweater from my madre.

    sweater-armani exchange, jeans-banana republic

    And speaking of birthday gifts once more, I received this top as well!

     and just for the laughs, here's this photo which, i must admit myself, i thoroughly enjoy.
    And speaking of birthday gifts again, my friend Kate (who took the first few pics of this blog post), gifted me with this awesome necklace from Forever 21. :) Apparently it's a pin too, but I have no idea how to wear it, so I just..leave it hangin'. Any other ideas for how to wear it?
    top-ciel boutique, shorts-streets of south korea, tights-american eagle, scarf-american apparel, necklace-gift (forever 21)
    Ok, not speaking of my birthday gifts, a few weekends ago, I screen printed my very own shirt and I took some more detailed photos of it just because I was so excited. :]

    I chose three colors to screen print with (1. black 2. red 3. blue, I offset them a little bit each time and voila)! :)

    I've mentioned my winter break quite often; it was definitely rejuvenating and liberating for me. I also got to paint and draw for my online art course! Wee!
    this piece was about choosing objects that represented you and trying to draw them in the most realistic way. i think art really makes my life complete so i have "ART" neon lights surrounding the whole image. the rest is kind of self explanatory but the obscure ones: film roll/oscar--I love movies so much (good ones, not stuff like.. Twilight--please don't kill me), glasses because I think having a clear, unbiased perception of life is everything...

    you probably recognize this skirt. hehe.

    more obscure details explained: "W"cubed as in "www" or da World Wide Web because I love blogging and spend way too much time on the computer/internet, Korean palace+Empire State Building+Space Needle--the places I've lived in and will never ever forget.

    another piece was inspired by Andy Warhol. I created a Twiggy version ish. Not that impressive, but there ya have it.

    here's a preview of my watercolor painting that is unfinished and crinkly.

    Alright! So the time has come for me to say ciao for now. I'll still be maintaining CF! and maybe occasionally posting my favorite music/inspiration! I'll miss blogging lots--really, and if you'd like to talk with me, my email is always open to your words. :) God bless yaa! (PS. Honestly, I feel like I will just have to blog at least once a month for my sanity even if no one cares, so...just putting that out there) ;)

    song of the moment - 
    Tiny Dancer - Elton John (the epitome of beautiful)

    Monday, March 7, 2011

    currently loving

    there has been a lot on my mind and after a long, busy day, music--particularly piano music--always makes me feel better. i'm hoping to start learning/playing piano more before i head off to college. i'd love to be able to play one of gogol gonzales' songs from his "solo piano" album. my head's been kinda clustered--i'm probably just really tired--and i can feel tons of emotions at once when i listen to gonzales' solo piano pieces. it's just beautifully entrancing for me. hope you enjoy them too :)

    (from the paris je t'aime soundtrack--haven't seen that movie but if the soundtrack is this good, i just might have to)

    if you like gogol, then you have to check out manifesto. unfortunately i can't embed this one! (gogol and manifesto are my favorites so far, i also really enjoy carnivalse)

    song of the moment -
    you'd think it'd be a piano song, but to be honest, i have been watching this scene every night. i wish i had a guy like duckie in my life.

    Sunday, March 6, 2011

    Class of Fashion: Sound Off

    Once again, I apologize for the major CF hiatus. You'd think being a second semester senior would make life easier, but that definitely has not been the case for me. Buttt (don't we all like big but's), I took a few pictures of some fine lookin' fellas at Sound Off (it's like a Pacific Northwest local bands competition) at the Experience Music Project in Seattle. I hope you like them!

    click images to view in original size
     Her scarf was gorgeous! And a cat shirt makes anything classy.

    I loved how each of them had their own distinct styles. I especially liked the girl in the center's beanie/hat. :)
    You don't know how excited to tell you that, this is the first guy I'm featuring on CF! But you also don't know how sad I am to tell you that the photo is out of focus. When I found out, I felt/looked a little like this and this. But since he was looking so fly, and you can still tell what he's wearing, I thought I'd post it nevertheless.  (And Shawn, if you're reading this, 1. I am super sorry! and 2. I think you should be a model. You have some seriously fine swag.)

    Shawn McNabb and friend 

    Trendy Thomas (I even met a fellow fashion blogger!) and Simone :)

    As always, to view previous CF posts, click on the Class of Fashion image on the left. And if you aren't already, be sure to be a fan of CF on Facebook. :) Spread the word bros. Peace out. :)