Monday, March 7, 2011

currently loving

there has been a lot on my mind and after a long, busy day, music--particularly piano music--always makes me feel better. i'm hoping to start learning/playing piano more before i head off to college. i'd love to be able to play one of gogol gonzales' songs from his "solo piano" album. my head's been kinda clustered--i'm probably just really tired--and i can feel tons of emotions at once when i listen to gonzales' solo piano pieces. it's just beautifully entrancing for me. hope you enjoy them too :)

(from the paris je t'aime soundtrack--haven't seen that movie but if the soundtrack is this good, i just might have to)

if you like gogol, then you have to check out manifesto. unfortunately i can't embed this one! (gogol and manifesto are my favorites so far, i also really enjoy carnivalse)

song of the moment -
you'd think it'd be a piano song, but to be honest, i have been watching this scene every night. i wish i had a guy like duckie in my life.