Friday, February 25, 2011

the last day

well, what do ya know. in less than 24 hours, i'll have hit the big 18! it feels weird to know that, how do i say this, i won't be that young anymore. of course i'm not turning 20 or 30 or 40, etc., but it's just so weird. seems like society makes the years of being 17 and younger the prime of one's life (metro station's "seventeen forever," seventeen magazine, "when i was seventeen," etc...), and i'll be passed that. ooo. gives me the heebie jeebies. i certainly don't look 18 with my puny 4'10" self (that's right, if you've ever wondered how tall i am). and two, i definitely dont feel 18, if an '18 feeling' even exists. but anywho, life is short--like me!--and age is just a number.

this past week was mid-winter break for my school district and it has been awesome beyond the possum. (i like that phrase. mm) although i already knew my life was pretty lame--as much as i love blogging, that's like all i do and i'm not even that good at it, but anyway--it really really hit me and it was as if life came back to me--this will make more sense if you read more. for the past month or so, i've been feeling really empty. every time i published a blog post, i was afraid to write, to be myself. i didn't know if readers would like it. i was afraid of having one less follower. i wanted to be myself but then i wanted to look cool, and while looking cool, i still didn't want to be fake, etc. even outside of school, i was--still am--completely fed up with all the 'fake' people. not even posers, but worse. one kid comes to mind, "it" (avoiding he/she refs) is respected as such a perfect, great human being, could be president. but i know, have felt, have witnessed that this "it" really is not so great. "it" will probably go to a fancy school, get leadership awards, but deep down, "it" sucks. i know, who am i to say that right? but i hated having to see this while i'm trying to live my life as geniune as possible, but it seemed like you have to be fake, you have to be "it" to get further, to be recognized, to be all "that."

but when a fellow blogger friend was having a lil dillemma about writing on her blog, i told her to just write for herself (as did everybody else, it's the obvious answer y'know), and even tho i knew that i should write for myself, and live as myself, i didn't really grasp it until i actually said it. forget the crap. forget the "it"s. i started this blog to find freedom in myself, to share my stories, and my life, not the stories of some fake kid. i'm pretty fed up with all these facades in society, but one thing is for sure, i'm gonna be me. "by the grace of god, i am who i am." and man, i thank god with all my heart for that. so as i start and live out my 18th year, i'm so glad god shook it outta me and reminded me to be myself.

wait... i was talking about my mid-winter break. uhh quick rewind. so i spent the first few days of break doing homework, i actually didn't procrastinate so that was great! but tuesday night, i took some time to indulge in AMC's Countdown to the Red Carpet movie series, and saw Taxi Driver starring Robert Di Nero (one of my favorite actors, and Taxi Driver, one of my favorite movies). The next day I saw The King's Speech with my mom and man, my love for movies came back alive as if my passion was broken to 1000 puzzle pieces and magically placed together. the last time i went to the theatre was last summer to see toy story 3 (also a fantaz movie). i felt myself again (not in the sick way...)

then thursday, i went sledding with my friend vicky, (who took the pictures below) and i never felt so alive. clubbing, raves, drugs, weed, smoking, hookah, whatever. why can't people just go back to basics and realize that life is so good as it is? if that's what you're up to, alright. but i'm so grateful that i got to live it up during my last few days of being 17. and live it up in the purest but the best way. as my friend and i sled(ed?) down that steep hill and crashed into/flew off a log/hill and heaped snow all over our faces with snow on my eyebrows and my nose running, i let go of everything (except for the sled of course). in those five seconds down that rickety hill, nothing else mattered, but that moment. i realize that life is just a moment in this great big space, and nothing else matters but this life you live. i'm not gonna live it fake. the big one eight. i'm gonna live it right, live it good. i'm gonna celebrate.'m gonna stop being sappy now. i think i have a lot more to say, but, enough said right? all in all, i'm glad it's a new year, it's gonna be great. new home at college with new people. doing what i love. and most of all, no more of this fake stank. even if it means less photos, i'd rather be able to click 'publish post' without worrying that it's not truly of myself (but future posts won't be THIS long, i promise). reminds me of this quote:

as mentioned, my friend vicky took some snazzy photos of me (obviously before we went sledding, and dont worry, i didn't go sledding in this outfit. my sledding attire was quite the opposite of chic, i think i looked like a over-fed mario). here they are :]

click photos to view in original size



and a series of funny photos:

jacket - delias, scarf -hollister, dress - urban outffiters, tights - j.crew, socks - gap, boots - cathy jean, mittens - f21? not sure...

photo cred to my friend vicky kasprzak! (& thank you, vicky, for an awesome day) :)

and some words to end with: 

personally, i would dance like this: 

song of the moment - 
will smith beat boxing here (mainly the stuff after 0:33)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

speaking volumes with simplicty, this contemporary pioneer knows how to make the best from color, space, words and simplicity.

 (click images for sources)

i'm thinking about starting a "currently loving" 'segment' of my blog (not sure what the right term for it is). and through it, i'll be able to share my favorite media images, art i'm liking, etc. it'll be tough because my inspiration is usually incohesive, eclectic and spontaneous, but... we'll see? :P hopefully it works out! :) what do you think? 

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Monday, February 21, 2011

kitty kat klubberz

In one of my last posts, I mentioned my friend and I would be coordinating our sparkly tight outfits together. She was my Valentine. Teehee. ;) (You might also remember her from a Class of Fashion post from last year!) We have an inside joke from our Chemistry class last year with cats (almost spelled that with a "k") and meowing. We are both members of the (unofficial but so official) Kitty Klub. 

 our sparkly tights:

 our sparkly tights + my friend's sparkly nails:

My outfit that day:
 I think I look kind of scary in that pic...

jacket - delias, shirt - urban outfitters, skirt - store in south korea (i've been wearing it a lot recently, sorry for that!), tights - american eagle, shoes - cathy jean

Anddd this weekend, I went to a free teen workshop at the Bellevue Art Museum in Washington and screen printed my very own shirt! It was fabulous. I'll take more detail pics of the shirt (I added little birdie on the back shoulder) and the colors are pretty cool (at least that was the intention). I screen printed a black cat in the very center, a red one a little to the right, and a blue one to the left.

Inspiration for this blue/red shirt idea came from photos like these: 

images from Solarium Stix

Speaking of Kitty Klubberz, a shout out to my friend Kate who is also a Kitty Klubber. Yesterday, she was refreshing my blog every 10 mins for a while to see if I'd post something new. :P She has some awesome photo skillage, so I thought I'd repay her by showcasing some of her work

Two Door Cinema Club <3

 This was an unexpectedly cat-related post. To fulfill it further:

PS. There is actually a Cat Day on March 5th. Check out ways to celebrate on the Facebook Page. ;)

song of the moment - 
i pretty much groove (i.e. dance like no one is watching) to this song every night. i always end the day with this classic. or the pomplamoose version. ;)