Monday, February 21, 2011

kitty kat klubberz

In one of my last posts, I mentioned my friend and I would be coordinating our sparkly tight outfits together. She was my Valentine. Teehee. ;) (You might also remember her from a Class of Fashion post from last year!) We have an inside joke from our Chemistry class last year with cats (almost spelled that with a "k") and meowing. We are both members of the (unofficial but so official) Kitty Klub. 

 our sparkly tights:

 our sparkly tights + my friend's sparkly nails:

My outfit that day:
 I think I look kind of scary in that pic...

jacket - delias, shirt - urban outfitters, skirt - store in south korea (i've been wearing it a lot recently, sorry for that!), tights - american eagle, shoes - cathy jean

Anddd this weekend, I went to a free teen workshop at the Bellevue Art Museum in Washington and screen printed my very own shirt! It was fabulous. I'll take more detail pics of the shirt (I added little birdie on the back shoulder) and the colors are pretty cool (at least that was the intention). I screen printed a black cat in the very center, a red one a little to the right, and a blue one to the left.

Inspiration for this blue/red shirt idea came from photos like these: 

images from Solarium Stix

Speaking of Kitty Klubberz, a shout out to my friend Kate who is also a Kitty Klubber. Yesterday, she was refreshing my blog every 10 mins for a while to see if I'd post something new. :P She has some awesome photo skillage, so I thought I'd repay her by showcasing some of her work

Two Door Cinema Club <3

 This was an unexpectedly cat-related post. To fulfill it further:

PS. There is actually a Cat Day on March 5th. Check out ways to celebrate on the Facebook Page. ;)

song of the moment - 
i pretty much groove (i.e. dance like no one is watching) to this song every night. i always end the day with this classic. or the pomplamoose version. ;)


Catherine said...

Ah, I love both of your tops - that's so cool that you screenprinted the tshirt! I've been wanting to try that for the longest time, but I've never encountered the necessary materials.

Hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

Awww~ Erin u are too adorable. I love the cat shirt!


GreaterUniverse said...


Miranda said...

Haha most random/awesome post ever! :) Tell your friend that the 3rd picture (the guy and guitar) is very good!!

Marz said...

Hi Erin,

Amazing sparkely tights!!! I've always wanted a pair of them but was afraid they would be too itchy - are they?? SO cute with the cats!! I'm in a death struggle with my cat right now to take her medications so seeing these pictures reminds me of how cute they really are! Love your screen-printed shirt as well. I've always wanted to try doing that but never knew where to go or how to do it. I must look it up locally! Stay amazing :)

Jamie said...

cats = love
can't wait to wear a pair of cat socks (probably one of the ones you gave me!) on cat day next week! :]