Wednesday, February 23, 2011

speaking volumes with simplicty, this contemporary pioneer knows how to make the best from color, space, words and simplicity.

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i'm thinking about starting a "currently loving" 'segment' of my blog (not sure what the right term for it is). and through it, i'll be able to share my favorite media images, art i'm liking, etc. it'll be tough because my inspiration is usually incohesive, eclectic and spontaneous, but... we'll see? :P hopefully it works out! :) what do you think? 

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Catherine said...

You should totally do a "currently loving" segment! I love seeing them on blogs - even if they aren't completely cohesive!

I have a weird thing for neon lights. They're so tacky, but in an endearing way... that probably makes no sense haha.


That Blond Guy said...

This guy IS AWESOME!!!