Sunday, September 30, 2012

so right now

to be honest, all five of my picks would be from gowe (others: coffee table, i wonder, by the sea) and then my hillsong pick. screw it, why don't i just do that. eh, i already picked my other songs so HERE YA GOWE (see what i did there)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

behind the scenes of br00klyn: too much l0ls up in here

do you hear what i hear? 

let's take a moment to appreciate this. and this is why we get along.

but i figure if i'm putting up an embarrassing photo of someone else, i should make it terrible for myself too. 

song of the moment

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

cats in brooklyn in the morning

i missed taking photos with chuck, so he, my chum ritu, and i dealt with the death of alarms at 6am and metro-ed it to brooklyn bridge park. i thought the lighting would be better at that time of day, but no. it's ok, we ate breakfast at la bagel delight after the mini shoot. everything bagel with ham, egg and cheese--hell yaz! even though homework, projects and the horrific knowledge of knowing i have a cold waiting for me have contaminated my recent way of living, it was nice to get away through photos, even just for a morning. i think photoshoots are like my artistic catharsis, actually they are, along with blogging.

also, i just scored this sweater from housing works--living in soho has it's toll, but i've been pretty good, first and only purchase since moving thus far!...i think. my cat apparel collection is growing and i'm very content about it. can you count how many cats there are in this post? (myself included obvi: i mean i meow when i'm emotional and i often communicate via lolcat memes, therefore i'm probably definitely a cat)

sweater-housing works, skirt-anthropologie, backpack-myungdong market in seoul, socks-anthropologie, shoes-call it spring

photos c/o chuck kuan (same guy who took these

it's funny--these photos are really growing on me. in the moment at 7am in the exotic lands of brooklyn i felt tired, like i had make up on way too early in the morning, and more tired. but looking at the waterfront, remembering that clueless, simplistic early morning feeling--it reminds me all too much of my shoot with isabelle at alki (woops, still need to upload the pics isabelle took of me, also guess what, isabelle is coming to nyc in a few weeks I KNOW RIGHT). it was actually sunny in seattle for that alki shoot, OH THE IRONY OH BROOKLYN OH SEATTLE OH LIFE.

there is a 'behind the scenes/extras/crap-i-was-breathing-awkwardly-in-that-photo' post on the way. 

song of the moment
(i remember interviewing gowe for a short documentary i worked on in high school. real down to earth guy. no word is taken for granted in his songs. his beats are perfect for chillin', homeworkin', bummin', breathin', wishin' you had a life-in', celebratin' the times you do have a life-in', get the picture. his music, especially "by the sea," reminds me of seattle--simply chill, subtly emotional.)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Midnight Muse: Dreaming in Paper Mag

Martha Violante did some awesome styling for a Papermag shoot inspired by none other but Dr. Seuss. I mean look at this, bright colors, delicious patterns, cut out backdrops, big balloons--this is beyond awesome. 

Then when I thought that was awesome enough, Shirley Kurata styled a shoot called "Am I Dreaming?" and I definitely thought I was. The vintage, retro vibe going on is something so familiar, and yet the distance that the background designs add that tone of otherworldly. 

This kind of creativity is so up my alley, so both of these shoots just rocked my world. And the fact that I encountered them all in one night, zugh, only Paper Mag could do that. Oh you beautiful things of Paper Magazine.

For some extra fashion funk, these London hats have got you covered.