Thursday, September 20, 2012

Midnight Muse: Dreaming in Paper Mag

Martha Violante did some awesome styling for a Papermag shoot inspired by none other but Dr. Seuss. I mean look at this, bright colors, delicious patterns, cut out backdrops, big balloons--this is beyond awesome. 

Then when I thought that was awesome enough, Shirley Kurata styled a shoot called "Am I Dreaming?" and I definitely thought I was. The vintage, retro vibe going on is something so familiar, and yet the distance that the background designs add that tone of otherworldly. 

This kind of creativity is so up my alley, so both of these shoots just rocked my world. And the fact that I encountered them all in one night, zugh, only Paper Mag could do that. Oh you beautiful things of Paper Magazine.

For some extra fashion funk, these London hats have got you covered.

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J. said...

Wow, gorgeous post!
I'm sorry I've missed your blog for so long, hope all is well with you...