Wednesday, September 19, 2012

so right now

what i've been listenin to. my top five.

erinz comentary: i've been wanting to be a frank ocean fan since i heard his name had the word 'ocean' in it, and after skimming his album, i can more legitimately say that i am a fan of frank beyond his chill name.

erinz commentary: i need to see them in new york city. but i also need to save money. the eternal dilemma. well alex's wild dreams are the next best thing.

erinz commentary: i hate the first 10ish seconds of this song. someone commented on this video "i swear the intro is from runescape" or something like that. and i swear that he swears truth.

erinz commentary: let's just say this is an eclectic mix but i am one eclectic person. this is one of my favorite songs from that movie. i have been shamelessly dancing my booty off and pretend i'm a back up dancer to this song whenever my roommate isn't home.

erinz commentary: god has been so good, i can't even begin. i just ask that he let his grace overflow on my family, my mother, and my life. i think this is a good closer song for the five, god is my beginning middle end and everything else and i'm so excited for life. right now is tough, but also so good. only god can do that magic. seriously.

peace! (was about to totally insert another song as my 'song of the moment' woops. well shoot here's an extra one for kicks)

wait don't have peace yet. letting you know that i am on the instagram @erkishhh, and the twitter @erkishh and tumblr @fashionunscripted

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