Friday, January 28, 2011

seven things

CommePolly recently tagged me with a Stylin’ Blogger Award! It's an honor because her blog is really cool and is full of inspiration and innovative fashion. It's most definitely worth visiting. :)

With the award, I get to share 7 things about myself (suh-weet!): so here we go!

1. My favorite cartoon guy is Snoopy (and anything Peanuts really). Snoopy rocks. I think it's self-explanatory.
 via lovegifs

2. In the future, I'd love to have my own show. I know that sounds rather vain, but I always thought it'd be cool to be the next Oprah or  something like that. In middle school, my friends did say that I'd make a  good Oprah..? It'd be like having a blog, but on TV and live!

3. I love the East Coast and I can't wait 'til college. I'm currently residing in Seattle and as much as I love the daily mist and inevitable smell of Starbucks and lush evergreen trees, I love the energy, the dreams, the fearless lifestyles of the East--my home. I was also extremely bugged by so many debbie-downers I've met in Washington; you might think Seattle-ites love rain since they get it all the time--I thought so, but no, they are some of the worst complainers I've ever encountered. (But there are beautiful people in Seattle too! It is a lovely place; haha). I can't wailt til I hear back from schools and find out where I'll be in a few months. :]

4. I hate when people say I'm "innocent." They think it's a nice thing, but there are few things I hate, and that is definitely one of them. I've lived through life, have cable TV and lived in the city; I watch Family Guy and like the video Jizz in My Pants.

5. I love film and in my wildest dreams I'd love to be a cinematographer or film director. I have too many favorite films to name but they include Silence of the Lambs, Life is Beautiful, Irma La Douce, and soo many more (there's a longer list on my blogger profile page). from Jillian Kliewer on Vimeo.
found this on CommePolly's blog!

6. I think Matthew Broderick is so adorable. I also have the hots for Jude Law, Leonardo Dicaprio (see my tumblr pic to the right ---->), Robert Downey Jr, Tom Felton, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ash Stymest, Robert Redford (in his time of course...I'm not that creepy). I actually have a hot guy list from ages ago; need to create a new one sometime...

 via lovegifs

7. I loveee music and discovering new music, but who doesn't right? I think my music taste is actually pretty hipster, but if you go to school with me, you probably know I am  obviously not--or at least I don't look like one. It sometimes actually bothers me because people see me as  this goody-two-shoes who probably listens to only JBiebz and TSwift  (don't get me wrong; they have some fabulously catchy tunes). I guess that goes back to #4. Anyway, I love music ranging from jazz to hip hop and oldies to alternative rock, but I guess I tend to listen to more alt/indie rock. And speaking of that, here's a few tunes I've been listenin to.

 Now I'd like to pass this on to 7 other bloggers!: Maggie from Lifesize Paperdoll, Estefany from Helmet Head, Catherine from Silhouette Girl, Wendan from Laundry on Sundaes, Amber from Laughing with Broken Eyes, Kenzie from Kenzie Faith, Tegan from Tegan on Toast, Kimmi of Maze of Illusion. (I realized that was 8, but why not share a lil more love).

Thank you again CommePolly! :)

Psssst. If you haven't already, I'd love to get your feedback about my blog through the poll on the left. :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Class of Fashion D27

First, I have to apologize for the major unexpected hiatus. I can't promise that I'll be updating Class of Fashion as much as before, but I can promise you that it isn't over! (I can also promise you that I've been thinking about CF like at least every other day. Blogging haunts you for realz).

I'm also terribly sorry to the students in these pictures for uploading this like months after I actually took the photos. But better late than never right?

So here it is. Class of Fashion is back.

click images to see original size

Sophomore Taylor Hiroe

Senior Lizzy Rolf

Senior Maxine Stern

song of the moment -
Twenty Two - Wakey Wakey (found on my playlist)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

a first love: blogging's been exactly one year since my first post on this blog! blogging has been an unexpectedly awesome experience to say the least. 1 year and 139 posts ago, i thought this blog would be a lonely journal with me talking about my life, but i started posting photos of fashion/art that i liked and transferred the inspiration i had seen from other bloggers into my lifestyle. i've learned so many ways to think creatively about my clothes and i realized that my career doesn't have to be just journalism (what i think i'll go into, or communications...), but i can incorporate stuff i love with it too!

the biggest thing i love about blogging is interacting with other awesome bloggers. to this day, i penpal with a few bloggers whom i discovered through...blogging! i'm not quite sure what life would be like without them. and knowing that people spend the time to take even 5 seconds to visit my blog is just awesome. it's really crazy to think that...someone cares about what i think! sure, lots of bloggers probably just skim my post, comment with something trite and expect me to follow them back; i gotta admit, i've done that a few times myself, but when i remember why i started blogging, i remember that i blog for the sake of blogging-which has been my first love.

i say that because recently i found this awesome website about "first loves." it was created by some of northwestern's (love that school!) interactive design students and i was definitely inspired by it. totally recommend it to anyone! some stories are LOL-inducing and others are tear-stimulating (they're not just like "first loves" as in people, i promise. that would be too sappy, although i'd probably read that too). my favorites are john travolta, spaghetti, "she drives me crazy," and erin (not because it's my name or me, haha. this one was actually a serious one).


but back to being sappy about the blogiversary...thank you so much for making my first year of blogging really awesome. i think i have some readers who read my blog but have never told me so do holla, comment, email, whatever! (except please don't stalk me)

i also added a poll to the side of my blog to get your feedback about my blog! please do let me know: what you like about my blog, what you don't (constructive criticism is always appreciated) and what you'd like to see (new and old)! :):) i really want to change up my blog layout to something sleek, cool and simple, so if you have advice for that, please give a shout for that as well!

OH YEAH. BIG NEWS. 1ST SEMESTER OF MY SENIOR YEAR IS OVER. that means i have more of an excuse for senioritis to kick in; i.e. more time! i'm super super stoked and looking forward to interacting with more bloggers, hopefully start featuring other bloggers, but most of all, bringing back CLASS OF FASHION. and once i go to college, i'm hoping to do my own giveaways! i've wanted to since months ago, but couldn't because my parents don't really get blogging and yadda.

SO YES. Life is fabu at the moment. and i really hope it is for you as well.

let's just say, before today i have been feeling a lil like this:

and now i feel like dis:

Here are some outfit pics from the week. :)

outfit details:
dress - urban outfitters
cardigan - banana republic
tights - anthropologie

outfit details
tee - gap
scarf - american apparel
cardigan banana republic
shorts - store in south korea
tights - j crew
necklace - ciel boutique

once again:

songs of the moment (you know me, can't pick just one song) -
(She and Him's new music video!)

Lily Allen - Never Gonna Happen (I especially like the chorus)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

in the mean time

It's almost by blog-iversary :DD but until then, here are some things you can feast on while I prepare for my finals this week. It's been a wacky few months I tell you...

In between studying for exams, I've been listening to Two Door Cinema Club so much. I love them European musicians. (Speaking of which, I miss Europe! I can't wait to go back, whenever that may be...) I actually wrote about them a whileee back. :)

Not only do they have a really fresh and..."good" sound (after reading countless pages on cellular respiration, the roles of a president, starting at ugly numbers, I am devoid of brilliant vernacular...), but their music video is really great, a quality short film I'll say. I also think the way Sam Halliday eats toast at 1:10 is very...adorable?

I'll be honest, I'm not a big fan of their new music video for "What You Know," but I love the song nevertheless and am utterly jealous of the girls who get to smooch them in the video.

The scenery in this video made me very nostalgic of my travels in Europe. mm...

talk to you soon! :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

oreo ice cream

so i'm back into the swing of school and ap calc is getting the best of me! if there is anything i complain about a lot, it is definitely that class. it has sapped the life out of me and stymied me from doing my best in other classes. i can't catch up in ap calc and it is just uber tough for me. i used to love math when it actually made sense, and it was just playing around with equations. and ap calc has caused me to complain like this, and i dont like complaining. see, it's even making me complain about other things; complaining about complaining.

i'm sorry my second post of the year started out negative! butttt--we all like big buts--on the bright side, i love the book we're reading in ap english--the awakening by kate chopin. i have to admit, for a lot of the books we read, i don't get to "get in the reading zone" for most of the books and i have to skim chapters, etc. i really love reading and english and exploring how these sentences, these simple words evolve into themes, all intertwining and creating powerful stories! but then, ap calc comes in to burst my bubble and i only have 10 minutes to read act III of hamlet.

but anyway! the awakening! i love it so much that i've noticed myself unconsciously making time to "get in my reading zone" for this book. not being able to entrust your life to someone, finding who you really are and not what society makes you, staying home at one place, and wanting to belong to someone -- i feel like those are some key themes in that book and they are definitely key themes in my life. only two books have made me cry--night by elie wiesel and the awakening. it just touched a level inside me that no other book has. and reading the awakening has instigated a few awakenings in myself, too; for one, it made me remember how much i love loving. it has been so long since i've enjoyed reading like this. and two, for some reason, it made me want to explore the arts deeper and let go of any worries, and go for creativity in everything no matter what people might think or say.

i had always been an active artist and appreciator, but since high school started, i sacrificed my art interests for what i thought were more career-related. so i took online art--which really isn't very art-y at all--instead of an actual arts course, so i could take journalism and video communications. anyway, das' why i luv bloggin'! here's an image i played around with; the simple, rich, pastel colors from 1:14 of this animation video really inspired me.

click images to enlarge

as for clothes, i've been indulging in the urban outfitter's clothes my mom bought me for christmas from their fabulous black friday sale. :]

outfit details
shirt - urban outfitters
jeans - banana republic

and the dress i like to call the oreo ice cream dress. (story behind it: i was eating an oreo at church during their snack break (i know, it's pretty awesome), and i was thinking "holy st. francis, this is a good cookie." and "this oreo reminds me of a dress i wear.. ohyeah! but not the actual oreo cookie, but crushed oreo or oreo ice cream" and now i'm thinking i really want some oreos.)

outfit details (all christmas gifts!)
cardigan - urban outfitters
dress - uo
leggings - jcrew

some pictures from my christmas break that i didn't get to upload earlier! i made my family christmas cards and i was really proud of my celophane usage. :D i really wanted to do a 'how to post' but i wanted to make them within the 30 minutes that they were shopping at the grocery.

my brother gave me these "princess shimmer decorating glitter gels" for making cookies!

my first time making cookies not from the Pillsbury frozen cookie packages. i know, i am a terrible...human, for not making cookies from scratch before. and even this is technically not making cookies from scratch, but it was exciting enough for me. although they were so burnt and super stale, they tasted kinda good?...

so this was an unexpectedly long and rather legitimate post. i think i broke my new year's resolution on procrastinating less, because i definitely have a lot of homework left and it's past midnight, but i did fulfill the 'blog more' part. :s mmm...

song of the moment -
the way Stevie Wonder sings it exudes so much beauty and emotion--love it even when it's not christmas.

price tag - jessie j ft. b.o.b.

ps. class of fashion post coming soon (there's pictures from like months ago, so their fashion might be "out of season" but oh well. hehe)

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I'll be posting again soon! Life is going great, hangin with my broma (brother and ma) ;) and finished all my college apps. Holla! My 2011 resolutions:
  • blog more,
  • procrastinate less (there is a slight irony with those two resolutions),
  • drink milk every day,
  • every day homework first!!!,
  • pray 5 minutes before i sleep,
  • all in all, manage my time better, keep calm and carry on, and always prioritize what's good. (so much for saying "all in all"!)
You can probably tell I'm really loopy right now, so I'll just close here! See you in a few weeks hopefully! In the mean time, I'll be studying for finals and trying to catch up on all my studies! If you ever wanna holla, feel free to comment or even email me! I am always checking those. :) And I will probably update with quick posts of media I'm enjoying (like the following videos) in the mean time so stay tuned for those. :)


songs of the moment -
american boy - estelle
lasso - phoenix

videos of the moment -
i must say family guy asian jokes never cease to crack me up

and everybody can enjoy a lil christopher walken + lady gaga