Wednesday, May 12, 2010

oh them irish boy bands

i just discovered this irish band called two door cinema club, and they are off the heezayyyy. if they see this: PLEASE COME TO SEATTLE! :) and their videos will blow your mind. =O

I Can Talk

Something Good Can Work

Undercover Martyn

(i think i like this video more than the song) (i love the "to the basement people" part) (and that one guy without glasses and the maroon sweater is quite the cutie)

and here's an alternative to the "I Can Talk" music video: love it!

ps. feel free to ask me questions on my formspring. :)


melindaa said...



so i started to start re-blogging again and this time i will actually blog. i love reading yours you are my favorite person ever AND I MISS YOU SO MUCHHHH i want to see your face and we should take pretty pictures together!!!! love you and your blog!!


ju-clh said...

J. said...

Cute! Oh boy bands!

ju-clh said...

Yes , if you want ! :)

xoxo , julia.