Thursday, May 13, 2010

you are beautiful

i recently took my senior rep photos at Beautiful You Portraits and it was awesomeee! ellen (the photographer) did a great job really getting to know me and highlighting my personality in each of her photos. it wasn't generic like "stand in front of this tree landscape and smile with your hand on your face." it was definitely a unique and super fun experience.

if you live in the seattle area, check out be you portraits for sure. :)

here are some pics from the shoot:
(click to make larger)

and here's a video of me by ellen. :)
(i know i rock the kim yu na spin... not so much xD)

i'm flaunting those asian eyes! :D

i like this one a lot :)

song of the moment
two door cinema club - undercover martyn


Ellen said...

awww~ this is awesome Erin ;) thanks chica! and u make one hottie model <3 <3

Anna said...

I love these so much. Steven gave me a rep card and I may be going there to get my senior pics too! You are gorgeous Erin :)

janettaylor said...

Last pic is beautiful! :)

.sabo skirt. said...

lovely portaits =)

stop by our fashion blog =)

xx .sabo skirt.

My Owl Barn said...

Erin did a great job! Your photos look amazing. Have a great weekend!

jamiesuee said...

you're so pretty, girly. :]

magpie said...


you are gorgeous!!!
Every single one of these are beautiful!!!

I love the one of you in the fancy dress sitting in the chair smiling :)

you're a babe!