Friday, May 14, 2010

show 'dem true colors

today was stellar. our school recorded a school wide lip sync music video and i was one of the lip sync-ers. it was "fantaz" and i can't wait to show you guys! although they painted my face blue, and i looked like a fool with my blue face and white mouth jabbering off beat (i totally couldn't hear the lyrics so i know i wasn't lip syncing right), but oh well. hopefully the audience concentrates on the snazzy cars, cheering people and glimmering posters in the background instead of my conspicuously off mouth. :]

here's the outfit i wore! i tried to go with a "nerdy" theme.

(click photos to view larger)

we know how to rock purple and gold
(i told you my face was blue)

i got to borrow these awesome glasses from a friend and i love how she taped the center - so classy.
it's annoying how everyone is wearing these glasses just because they're trendy, but i think it's all good if you can actually pull it off. i believe i made it work fairly well with my old school outfit. :]

in this one, i think i look like i'm actually from the 50s or 60s.

outfit details
argyle cardigan - esprit
polo - target
shorts - delias
socks - borrowed from friend
glasses - borrowed from another friend
pom pom - found on the floor today!! :)

the youtube video comes out june 8th! i'll for sure link it to ya'll when it's up! i'm sooo excited!!!!!
be prepared for 100s of flying balloons, students dressed as fairies, people throwing baby powder, silly string and streamers, kids zooming on their scooters, hot cars glimmering under the washington sun (including a classy VW van and even a porsche - i dont know what kinda student owns a porsche at our school...), gymnasts whipping out stunts, a brick getting smashed over a student lying on a bed of needles, a chemistry room with fire explosions, and so much more (including, of course, a nerdy asian chic with a blue face, can't forget that). i can't wait!

in the meantime, you can check out some other school lip dubs, but i guarantee they are going to eat our dust - with all due respect. ;)

this one is pretty good though - i have to say, i dont think we had a banana in a wheelchair:

life sure is swell.

have a great weekend! :)

ps. my formspring is always open to your questions. :]


Catherine said...

Haha, sounds like fun! I love your cardigan.

And AP English... meh, I honestly forget what was on it, but I didn't feel too awful or out of it once I finished, which is probably a good sign. But I had trouble with the analyzing essay since my teacher never properly taught us how to do it - or anything for that matter, haha.

Leona said...

That sounds so awesome. And I love the adjective you used: stellar.

I like the color combination of your outfit, too. And the cardigan! I've always wanted one like that.

Anyway, glad you had a nice day!

(And sure, we can follow each other. :)) )

Karen said...

Really love this outfit!! love the color combination!


magpie said...


I'm so behind on your blog. *sigh* I promise, come summer, I will follow it religiously!!

Your comments always give me the headsup that I need to catch up with my bloggers :) especially you, buddy!

I LOVE your nerd look! Holy heck you are freaking adorable! And you have cute legs- I know that's a weird compliment but I'm sooo jealous :). ahahha.

That's SO cool that you're school is doing that! Im stoked to see the result!

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