Friday, April 30, 2010

happy weekend!

i decided to upload some pictures from the JSA (debate) convention last weekend, and from the National Honor Society (NHS) induction from this week! i got elected as NHS President for the 2010-11 year and I'm really excited for all the events and things to come! i'm not sure why, but i just love leadership, working with others, and purposefully going after a mission. :)

shirt and pants - banana republic (i love that store!)

my mom bought me these shoes for christmas a few years ago. :) it's so hard to find fitting shoes with size 5 feet. xD

pictures from the NHS induction:my fashionable friend (other guy trying to be tall and me eating grapes) :)

yes i was pretty excited. :))

here are some pictures to enjoy over the weekend. :] peace out ya'll!

big fish (great movieee) (if you have nothing to do this weekend, watch big fish and breakfast at tiffany's :D)

song of the moment
spongebob - fool who ripped his pants
(it's actually a good song. haha)

"be true to yourself! dont miss your chance! and you wont end up like a fool who ripped his pants"

Thursday, April 29, 2010

i want a huckleberry friend...

quick post! i just have to say breakfast at tiffany's is such a good movie.

i've been listening to moon river (particularly the one by audrey hepburn) all day. :)

i wish i knew a guy that would look at me how that writer dude does. :]

and i love the passion in the last scene: (when she says "cat! cat!" it makes me laugh, cuz it has no name, and it makes me cry, cuz... it just makes me cry) :)

"you know what's wrong with you, miss whoever-you-are?
you're chicken.
you got no guts.
you're afraid to say, 'ok, life's a fact.'

people do fall in love. people do belong to each other,
because that's the only chance
anybody's got for real happiness.

(wow that's a long quote)

song of the moment -
moon river - audrey hepburn

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i love the world

a while back i said i'd post pictures of my travels to germany and austria, so here are some photos from germany today! there are more to come! (all from late winter/spring 2008, so i dont look too hip, but bear with me)

(click pictures to enlarge. sorry they aren't edited and fancy looking!) :S

at every cafe, there are tons of tables in front for people to sit outside! so beautiful. :)

my dad is a funny man
(i bought that jacket at united colors of bennetton. it was such a splurge but i slightly regret buying it because now i dont wear it that much since it's a bit big D:)

german life :)

amazing street performers!

german cheese (that guy thinks i'm crazy)

48 | 8 museum (they allowed us to take pictures! amazing!)
(i like to pose :D)

picasso and my pops


andy warhol

i forget his name, but i really like this german guy's artwork (sorry that doesn't really help...i think his name is joseph something...)

nimphenburg castle (this one was just one of the 9ish other castles. these were princess nini's summer stay)

the kitchen tiles

if you look closely, i think the guy in the passenger seat caught me snapping this shot...

wedding-cake-like architecture

bmw police cars!

super tiny car. i think i maybe as tall or maybe even taller than it!

the brauhaus. harhar. it was crazy loud in there!!!

during the day

and then g'night! :)

fun links related to travel:

america's most unusual hotels

cute french boy

pretty in paris

city prints

song of the moment
Doris Day - I Wanna Sing Like an Angel
and Falling in Love Again (both on my playlist)

Monday, April 26, 2010

happy mondee!

one of my favourite friends, anna, just started a blog, streams of consciousness, and i thought i'd share it with you! :)

she has these amazing sketches and will probably go to FIT. ;)

so be sho to check her blog out. :]

and here are some random pictures! happy monday!

i bet he’s saying/thinking "hey there babe...i know youza lookin at me via that computer screen. mmmmhhmm…”

(if you'd like to see where i got these pics, check out the links on my tumblr. sorry i'm too lazy to cite them!)

song of the moment
aloe blacc - i need a dollar

Sunday, April 25, 2010

media mumble

(i have no idea what i mean by "media mumble" but it's "alliterative" so yay! :D)

so the JSA spring state convention was pretty great! i had the guts to do a few impromptu speeches as a subsequent speakers for debates besides my own such as "the supreme court justice should have term limits" (pro), "all men are not created equal" (con). and i wanted to speak for "compulsory secondary education should be gone" (i dont remember the exact resolution, but i wanted to go for con). feel free to formspring me if you want to know why i have positions for those and other things (i dont want to explain why for each xD).

the main downside was the debate i prepared all night for was kinda cancelled and just became a mini discussion/thought talk. :( for every debate, there's a best speaker and i really believe i could've got it, but because it wasn't a debate, it just wasn't the same! these two other guys, who made some great points, but digressed so much (!!) got the award, but oh well, i should stop being a sore loser. xP

i had a pretty nice time at the dance though! you would think that the a dance at a debate convention would be super nerdy... but no. it was a complete grind fest - the girls' butts were higher up their their head cuz they were full on 90 degrees... if you understand what i'm saying. anyway, i did my homework for a few minutes while meeting some new people and then i headed to the dance for a bit. i wish we did swing dances, or even hoe downs instead of grind fests. seriously. D: oh well, i whipped out some dance moves with my friends in the corner. i have so much more to say, but i dont want to tire you! here's some (very) random pics of the day from my tumblr (feel free to follow it) :)

that's a real princess cruise!


rest in peace mj

song of the moment -
michael jackson - blood on the dance floor
anita o'day - that old feeling :)
(i totally felt that old feeling this weekend, even though i met him for the first time.. anyway that's another story)
(both songs are on my playlist)