Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i love the world

a while back i said i'd post pictures of my travels to germany and austria, so here are some photos from germany today! there are more to come! (all from late winter/spring 2008, so i dont look too hip, but bear with me)

(click pictures to enlarge. sorry they aren't edited and fancy looking!) :S

at every cafe, there are tons of tables in front for people to sit outside! so beautiful. :)

my dad is a funny man
(i bought that jacket at united colors of bennetton. it was such a splurge but i slightly regret buying it because now i dont wear it that much since it's a bit big D:)

german life :)

amazing street performers!

german cheese (that guy thinks i'm crazy)

48 | 8 museum (they allowed us to take pictures! amazing!)
(i like to pose :D)

picasso and my pops


andy warhol

i forget his name, but i really like this german guy's artwork (sorry that doesn't really help...i think his name is joseph something...)

nimphenburg castle (this one was just one of the 9ish other castles. these were princess nini's summer stay)

the kitchen tiles

if you look closely, i think the guy in the passenger seat caught me snapping this shot...

wedding-cake-like architecture

bmw police cars!

super tiny car. i think i maybe as tall or maybe even taller than it!

the brauhaus. harhar. it was crazy loud in there!!!

during the day

and then g'night! :)

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song of the moment
Doris Day - I Wanna Sing Like an Angel
and Falling in Love Again (both on my playlist)


janettaylor said...

Great photos, pretty! Ur daddy looks so funny, no doubt! :)

Elizabeth said...

What great photos and a fun trip! I know I have visited before and told you that your blog is just beautiful and I have to say it again! Just love it! Thank you for your sweet comment on my page :)

I LOVE the Dorris Day song!

Karen said...

That entertained the photos with your father, all are very nice in general. I like specially the first one because I adore the tulips!

I am not a fashionable journalist, am employed at an agency of publicity ;)

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

germany looks so fun! your family is really cute, and i love all the photos of you guys with the art :)

congrats on attending the nyu info sesh! how'd it go? made any decisions yet?? sorry it took me so long to get back to you on that!

Vintage and Cake said...

You have been busy, so where is your fava place so far .....London? Hope so. Anyway have a great weekend hunni xxx

Anna said...

These pictures are so amazing! I remember you had showed me some when I was at your house a few years ago, but I'm thinking these are not the same ones? Wow, this makes me wish I could go there someday SOON!

Danielle said...

wow that looks amazing! you're lucky :)

J. said...

Germany looks fun and the art looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!