Saturday, April 23, 2011

frolicking in the sun

You know when you have a good gal pal you wanna chill with, but somehow never get the time to and it's not even because of excuses or something. Yeah, well, I had one of those until I finally met up with my gorgeous chum Anna (who you might recognize from an ol' summer photoshoot-ish post). 

Because of her irresistible adorable-ness, it was tough enough for me to choose which photos to edit from our photo collection, but as I was editing some of the photos, it was even tougher to edit because I'd got lost in her beauty. If I was a boy, I'd be head over heels for her at this point. Anyway, enough of my girl crush...

Right before taking some photos, we chowed down at Red Robin--I discovered honey mustard + fries is really yummy in my tummy, and bought gray tights (for Anna) at Banana Republic for really cheap! So her tights are fresh off the rack. ;)



I told you she's irresistible.

so, at this point, you are probably fully convinced that she is doll. i am. ;)

for some photos she took of me, head over to her post (and for a hilarious photo of some ppl photobombing us--i lol at it every time).

Monday, April 18, 2011

Class of Fash

 Last weekend, I was lucky enough to get to attend Vera Project's DIYfest in Seattle and I saw some awesome bands, collected some neat stickers and got lost driving in Seattle! But the most exciting part: getting to feature one of Iji's band members as a Class of Fashion-er. :) 

When a guy can wear white skinny pants well, I am immediately highly impressed. Plus, the vintage patterns and rich colors of his shirt were really awesome. But most of all, he had an awesome personality! I love it when stylish people have amazing personalities as well.


 fruits = extra class :)

Thanks Shelby! Hopefully I run into you again; you are awesome!

And I have to say, from the four bands that performed that night, Iji and The Pharmacy were my favorite! Since we're talking about Shelby though, most def check out Iji at their myspace page. ;)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

color me ginger

I have never felt so fan girl like I did a few nights ago. I was just inches away from touching one of the band members' hand. Ok, I should probably backtrack. So some nights ago, I went to Two Door Cinema Club's concert in Seattle and it was LEH-JIT to say the least! I was just a few feet away from my favorite ginger. *swoon*

For one, the guys who opened for them were really awesome--Work Drugs--they had a really chill, but rich sound. Each member had snazzy sunglasses. and I was a big fan of the one girl in the band. She's so "alluring" as my friend says.

 my camera was wack. and no, i'm not doing a peace sign, i'm just pointing at them, which isn't much less cheesier... :/

Back to Two Door. I did a post on them a while back, and although I listen to a ton of other bands/musicians and I haven't really gotten to showcase them, I guess TDCC will just have two posts about them!

One of my fav moments was when everyone was moshing (great word choice?) and i just let the rhythm--or lack thereof--of the crowd move me, closed my eyes, then looked up at the ceiling with it's texture like a canvas with tons of acrylic paint splattered on it, and the lights just illuminating the room as i could feel the music, the excitement run through my veins. (i realize it sounds like i was high...but i promise i don't do that stuff. i am actually high on life.) and when you take that figurative step back from the craze of the moment, it's just like 'wow, this is it. this is life. this is beautiful.' and i could see little flecks of dust flying in the air, time was slow and there was just this moment in which you knew everyone around you was happy even if they were being stepped on and squished between sweaty moshers--I definitely have a huge bruise on my ankle; it's going to look ugly for prom...)

I loved being able to stand still and feel the bass guide my heartbeat, the movement of the crowd . the rhythm of the bass felt like my heartbeat and everything just felt.. so together. even though my face was smothered in some girls garnier fructis-smelling hair (thank god it smelled like good shampoo and not bad hair or B.O. like summ ppll). every crash sunk in and jumping with everyone in unison, all because we love the music, we love the the sound, we love the moment. no matter where we're coming from and no matter who we are, we were all having a blast together. all for the music. all for the love.

The performance was grand. they weren't awkward at all, their casual, experienced and down to earth feeling made it seem like i was watching some friends perform on stage (yeah, in my dreams). and my friend caught one of their towels they threw! you should've seen us screaming after the show in awe of a...towel. and we were like "SMELL IT! IT SMELLS SO GOOD" *SMELL* "OH MY GOSH!!!" *JUMP 3 FEET IN THE AIR (that's really how it went down).

After the show, I got to meet the drummer--I think he's so underrated and super awesome. I don't know why he's not in album covers and band photos. He adds a lot to their sound. Anywho, he was so approachable, not pretentious at all or anything. He is so gorgeous, too. He signed the back of my new TDCC shirt (which is a size XL, smallest they had left but works for me!). My friend had the guts to smooch him on the cheek. I need to learn to be bold like that.

My camera is also extra broken down; the lil navigating buttons don't work unless I line them up meticulously in place, but MAN all I can think about is how AWESOME the night was. I'll not forget it. I wish I could've shook their hand and met them, but it was exhilarating just to be a few feets away from them and see them live.

an extra fan girl-y photo. i think it's hilarious how cheesy i look in these.

 and every outfit post has to have some photos for the lolz, c'mon. and guess what? have you noticed i'm wearing shoes in these photos? probably not, because i couldn't angle the cam quite well to showcase my shoes, but yes, i'm wearing boots!

 outfit details:
jacket - billabong (pacsun)
cardigan - BDG (urban outfitters)
skirt - store in South Korea
tights - american eagle
bracelet - banana republic
boots - papaya

song of the moment -
Two Door Cinema Club - whatever this song is (I actually don't know the name of it, but I filmed 40 seconds of it and I love it; if you know the name of it, do share!)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

30 seconds of sunshine

there's nothin like a day spent with a good friend. i got to celebrate spring break not in cancun or maui but in da hills of washington suburbs by chillin with my photoskillz chum, Isabelle Chu (who has been featured on Class of Fashion a lot and taken my photos previously) :) besides taking photos, we snuggled up on the couch to watch 500 days of summer. i've seen gifs and stills of that movie every day for months on tumblr, so i thought it was finally time. i was expecting a cheesy romantic flick, but it exceeded my expectations by far. and when i thought joseph gordon levitt was just really cute, he's...even cuter if that's possible. and random tidbit: later that night, it snowed. yes, you know it's april when it snows!

anywho, i hope you enjoy the photos and the outfit! i went shopping earlier this week and took advantage of an awesome banana republic sale. i realized my outfit was really.. grey so i tried to add some pop with the blue? heh. i was going to name this post "shades of grey" but we've all been there, done that--at least i have...

one of the rare shots we got in the 30 seconds of sunshine
 looks familiar? :) 

 Isabelle is a freakin fine photographer.

 Isabelle's personal favorite:

Washington is beautiful. I'll miss it next year...

and what's an post by erin kim without funny shots/outtakes:
falling with swag/style (more like the lack thereof)

a personal favorite:
so...i'll end on that classy note.

jacket - billabong, scarf - american apparel, shirt, shorts and tights - banana republic, shoes - nordstrom, bracelet - banana republic, sunglasses - a UC Berkeley college gear store...haha.

here's some shots of isabelle that i took. check out her blog for more pics! i got the privilege of picking out her outfit :)

song of the moment - 
"now that we're together, everything can only get better.
now that you're around, i swear i'm gonna love you forever"

Friday, April 8, 2011

roses are red, violets are blue, and so are these tights

(as i typed this blog post's title, i have come to question, are violets actually blue?...ponder of the day)

my friend isabelle (whom i recently took some fab photos with) recently hand-me-downed some amazing bright blue tights! i've always wanted bright, opaque tights and i can't wait to wear these! while shopping for tights with and for a friend today, i came to realize how often i wear them and how much i love them! tights are so awesome i'm not sure how else to describe them.

since i'm new to the world of bright tights, i went to my go-to source of endless (literally, photos keep appearing when you think there's no more) fashion inspiration,, and searched "blue tights." so many different and inspiring images of outfit posts with blue tights appeared that i thought i'd compile my favorites into a blog post. if you've never worn bright tights, this might be your chance.

1. for a modern and casual-business look, blue tights matched with a simple black skirt or shorts seems like the way to go. button details add a playful touch to a dramatic look.

2. for a more feminine and vintage look, pair blue tights with a lacy, white or off-white top. the blue packs a pleasant punch and keeps a so-fem look down to earth, yet still daring, darling, and out of the norm.

other tips:
since bright blue can be super eye-catching, tone it down with softer hues of light pink, grey or even a different and darker shade of blue. this will emphasize your awesome bright tights.

even it out with another equally bright accessory:
like a chic, mustard yellow scarf.

or a colorful hair accessory

play with prints. patterns--like polka dots--paired with bright blue can exude a subtle and fresh vintage vibe:

how will i wear my new bright blue tights? i'm not sure but i can promise you it will be on my mind everytime i look at my closet. i'll keep you posted :)

song of the moment -

Thursday, April 7, 2011


rose are red
violetes are blue
i just wanted to say
that i have a post coming up
and i changed my blog name and layout!
i hope you like it!
and this doesn't rhyme.
i'm sorry...

much love,

ps. i might do more short messages like this. this is fun.

song of the moment -

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Class of Fashionnn

click images to enlarge

Senior Kaitlyn Wernik

Whenever I head to first period, I can always look forward to my friend Kaitlyn's characteristically creative outfits. I mean, a t-shirt with Weezy and leggings and a cool jacket? I couldn't miss the opportunity to feature her on CF. (cool tidbit: her Weezy tee is from Disney Land from middle school and she cut the sleeves off since they were too tight) :)



Senior Isabelle Chu

I've definitely featured her on CF before, but Isabelle wears the coolest clothes evereedee. Some kids I just want to take pics of every day and make a blog for them or something. Anyway, I loved the classic, simple pieces of her outfit and the touch of purple to ease things up. She also wears the coolest heels to school. Wish I could do the same. Oh yeah, and her hair bun was perfection.


what a cyootie :)
song of the moment - 
by the sea - GOWE