Saturday, April 2, 2011

Class of Fashionnn

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Senior Kaitlyn Wernik

Whenever I head to first period, I can always look forward to my friend Kaitlyn's characteristically creative outfits. I mean, a t-shirt with Weezy and leggings and a cool jacket? I couldn't miss the opportunity to feature her on CF. (cool tidbit: her Weezy tee is from Disney Land from middle school and she cut the sleeves off since they were too tight) :)



Senior Isabelle Chu

I've definitely featured her on CF before, but Isabelle wears the coolest clothes evereedee. Some kids I just want to take pics of every day and make a blog for them or something. Anyway, I loved the classic, simple pieces of her outfit and the touch of purple to ease things up. She also wears the coolest heels to school. Wish I could do the same. Oh yeah, and her hair bun was perfection.


what a cyootie :)
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Estefany @ The Helmet Head said...

Cute posts. All the girls have a girly style!

Emily Anne said...

These girls have great style! I love these posts of yours!
I really like the first girls tshirt! thats awesome its from middle school and she is still wearing it!
And the second girl looks totally chic! i love it!

Catherine said...

Your school looks awesome! If I were to take photos in my school and put them on my blog, people would judge.

Anyway, both of these gals look great... that tshirt! That purple scarf! Ah.


Anna said...

LOVE IT and isabelle is ALWAYS stylish.. i remember in 9th grade i was intimidated by her chic sense of style.. and i still love her simple & chic style.. love her bun as well! i'm so happy you're still doing CoF :)

Anonymous said...

ichu is so cute :)

Eeshie said...

Adorable, adorable, adorable outfits!

Chelsea Lane said...

soo cute! love these two looks :) I wish I knew how to do a topknot like in the second outfit!