Saturday, March 26, 2011

yeea mama

two full weeks with no blogging?! oy vey.  i'm not exactly back, i am for a moment! haha. to give you a quick overview of my life, here's a few notes:
  • searching for my prom dress! was gonna get a BCBG or Betsey Johnson one but mannn, they are just outta my budget. i do have my eye on this blue and green full length dress i found at a bridal/prom store in bellevue, wa and it's on sale (but i need alterations, but anyway). i was so excited that a long dress looked good on me cuz i'm sooper short and i never imaged a long dress to work. i tried this on at nordstrom and i fell in love, but again, the $$$ was not so nice. :[ i'll let you know the verdict!
  • also looking for a prom date -__- 
  • also having intense boy issues. high school boys are stupid. but i still like them. what's up with that. i would tell you more, but apparently my parents read this. hi mom and dad. 
  • almost done with my online art course! here was my latest/last assignment (incorporate writing/words with some sort of image. i went for a watercolor image of a face of an 'everyday girl'--that was the goal at least. if you have q's about it, dont hesitate to ask!)

  • waiting on colleges! so far, i'm getting more rejections than acceptances. it's especially painful to get two rejection letters in one day, one from a school you really loved. eh oh well. i know god's got amazing plans for me (and everyone!) no matter which colleges accept me. :] i'm not a fan of posting college acceptances online, but.. i'll try to let ya know when i decide ;) hopefully i hear more good news this week!! please keep me in your prayers! this is the most intense time of my life. seriously.

  • although i aint sharing college news and divulging more about my boy probs, i can most definitely share the music i've been jamming to. i've been listening to new/old music and sleeping at 12 or 1am every night instead of doing homework. so let's make my love for music at least somewhat useful by sharing it with ya'll. just discovered Plan B (british artist) on the radio today and i especially like his song "love goes down." his album is apparently composed of songs that make up a (his?) life story. :] i have so much to say about each and every one of the songs on this playlist, but.. hopefully you just get to listen to them all.  

  • now to part ways once again. i'll chat with ya'll later! :) and i'm usually updating my tumblr and twitter so feel free to follow over there.
    song of the moment - (more like LOL of the moment)
    this video is the funniest thing i have seen in...pretty much..ever. please watch it.
    Touch My Body - Beyonce --> Tuts My Barreh - Asian Karaoke Fail
    ps. sorry for the layout issues in this post. i spent an hour trying to fix the spacing and such, but blogger isn't being so friendly right now. it's 1am. signing out.


    Anonymous said...

    omg that dress was pretty amazing!:) I needa go prom dress shopping too!

    ooh yeah, prom date issues for me too. idk if anyone is asking me, but if not it's okay. I think it will be more fun with friends anyway.

    awww I'm sorry about the college thingy, but I'm sure things will work out!

    xoxo, Bree

    Catherine said...

    First off, your art project looks amazing. Watercolors are the best!

    That dress you posted IS gorgeous, but I'm sure you can find one at a lower price point. And don't get too stressed over the whole prom date thing - what do I know, I skipped prom last year! - but even if you can find a friend of a friend who's willing to have fun, you're set.

    I hear you on the boy issues! Agh. Except the guy I've been having issues with is out of high school. Apparently, they don't change.

    And I'm seriously hoping for the best for the both of us this week! I'm sort of bracing myself for a rejection letter from a certain school - ahem, Brown - but I have a feeling that seeing it written out will be worse. Seriously, feel free to email me as soon as you hear back to share hopefully good news :D


    Anonymous said...

    Congratulations on your blog! Pretty great! Keep up the good biz!

    J. said...

    Love the art! Nice job!
    Don't worry about the college thing...your right, something better is always on the way!

    Anna said...

    wow that dress.. and one of my prom dress ideas was actually sort of similar in that i was thinking of putting a heart shaped embellishment on the bodice!!! hahahaha wow
    and i've never heard of online art.. but your watercolor hair is so cool and i REALLY like how you did the letters/words & the message that you put in it if that makes sense :P
    i'm sorry about the college rejections, but congratulations on NYU.. i hope you hear back from the other schools soon & hope they are positive responses! see you soon :)

    Margaret said...

    Welcome to the bandwagon of College Rejection Letters. I hope things go well for you, and I'm sure they will! If you want to vent about how horrible waiting periods are, feel free to ask me since I'm going through the same thing :P

    Haha...high school boys are so...yeah.