Saturday, October 30, 2010

halloween lovin' + the many faces of me

Happy Halloween!!

I love Peanuts and the Great Pumpkin. :)

Can't believe it's actually Fall and the holidays are here! For me, the holiday feelings really start kicking in once it's Halloween! And to think, that in a month or two, I'll be done with college apps! I've already applied to two, now... 9ish more to go! Haha. How's life been for ya'll?

Here's some festive images for yerr that I thought were Halloween related!

I thought these costumes were beyond amazing! The makeup, the hair, the clothes, Halloween costumes have reached perfection:

all via the cherry blossom girl

these aren't exactly "costumes" but i thought they were good inspiration for costumes! i loved the theme and distinct style going on. :)

and pics that are just for kicks:
"Rawr! Rawr! I’m the Flying Dutchman!"
"OoOoOoh I’m the Flying Dutchman’s best friend!"

i saw this movie - Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho - two years ago and i loved it! well, the first time i saw it, i was scared outta my socks, but the second time, it was just awesome. all the details and the imagery and the story - perfection (a lot of perfection is happening in this post! haha). plus, i have the hots for anthony perkins...shhh...

more costume inspiration?

I don't have a picture of me in my Halloween costume for this year (nothing special, but ya know), but here are pictures from school spirit days and years past! From supah G, to supah me. ;)

Can you guess who I am here?

My brother loves Halo. Thus:

A few years ago, I found the Great Pumpkin(s):

this is obvi not my face, but once again...Happy All Hallow's Eve ya'll! :)

all the images' sources can be found on my tumblr!

song of the moment -
i make her say - kid cudi (on my playlist)

but because thriller is so apt!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

no me moleste!

warning: i am somewhat loopy right now. i'm not even sure why. i promise it's not drugs. that sounds like a joke. i'm not joking...i'm sober and great. gosh, now i just sound crazy.

anyway, life is so GREAT. so in da last post, life was really not so fabulous since i was drowning in make up work and the hard knock life of an over achieving lad like me. however, i rose above the temptations of procrasination with the help of god and am now back on track! i'm still not doing as great as i wish i was doing in my classes, but i'm all caught up and there's really no greater feeling than that. the past few days i've been feeling terribly - phsyically and mentally. but it's getting better! yay for life!!

so here's an ol' outfit post! once again, the shirt is from when i swapped a few clothes from my friend isabelle! :]

shirt - nordstrom rack (via isabelle)
jeans - store in South Korea
necklace - anthropologie (via blog giveaway!)

it's not tumblr tuesday, but i just want to share these nevertheless: (oh! it is thursday - well, 20 mins from thursday - so tumblr thursday!) :)

song of the moment
whip yo hair girl - not sure who it's by but this bird can really rock to it

also this vid makes me crack up, just cuz i know that teacher and the two main peeps (the teacher was my spanish teacher at one point)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

d0d0's conundrum

It's 12:06 AM. It's tomorrow. It's Tuesday. Whoa.

So all last week, I was hackin' away and sounding like a mix between an old man and a boy going through puberty. I sneezed in my tea multiple times as well. ;) But missing three days of school seriously throws you off. I've been so behind on my school work, it stinks like never before! This academic pressure is really getting to me and I feel like all I can do is cave in and seriously give up one of my AP classes. It's all really crumbling and I really am not one to give in. I probably sound like I complain about my academics on my blog all the time. I feel bad. I guess I just don't have a means to vent besides my blog.

BUT I do have fabulous news to share! I received my first scholarship and I am a finalist for this Asian American scholarship. :) It's exciting to think that... I count! If that makes any sense. Life is great, I just wish I was better at prioritizing, time managing and not procrastinating. ;P

This is an outfit from when I swapped a few shirts from my friend Isabelle. :) I borrowed her red sweater a while back. My hair doesn't look fabulous here, but hopefully you enjoy the outfit post nevertheless! :)

(PS. I took the above photo in early September and finally got a chance to edit it! I thought it turned out to look a lot like film so it made me happy.) :)

cardigan - street store in South Korea
tank top - Isabelle
skirt - store in South Korea :)

and here's some random images of fun from my tumblr :]

please visit my tumblr for sources! :)

maybe i'll start a tumblr tuesday feature! :O

songs of the moment -
australia - the shins
tighten up - the black keys
(can't stop listening to both of these songs!)