Tuesday, October 26, 2010

d0d0's conundrum

It's 12:06 AM. It's tomorrow. It's Tuesday. Whoa.

So all last week, I was hackin' away and sounding like a mix between an old man and a boy going through puberty. I sneezed in my tea multiple times as well. ;) But missing three days of school seriously throws you off. I've been so behind on my school work, it stinks like never before! This academic pressure is really getting to me and I feel like all I can do is cave in and seriously give up one of my AP classes. It's all really crumbling and I really am not one to give in. I probably sound like I complain about my academics on my blog all the time. I feel bad. I guess I just don't have a means to vent besides my blog.

BUT I do have fabulous news to share! I received my first scholarship and I am a finalist for this Asian American scholarship. :) It's exciting to think that... I count! If that makes any sense. Life is great, I just wish I was better at prioritizing, time managing and not procrastinating. ;P

This is an outfit from when I swapped a few shirts from my friend Isabelle. :) I borrowed her red sweater a while back. My hair doesn't look fabulous here, but hopefully you enjoy the outfit post nevertheless! :)

(PS. I took the above photo in early September and finally got a chance to edit it! I thought it turned out to look a lot like film so it made me happy.) :)

cardigan - street store in South Korea
tank top - Isabelle
skirt - store in South Korea :)

and here's some random images of fun from my tumblr :]

please visit my tumblr for sources! :)

maybe i'll start a tumblr tuesday feature! :O

songs of the moment -
australia - the shins
tighten up - the black keys
(can't stop listening to both of these songs!)


Marie said...

Cute outfit!:D

Congratulations on the scholarship and good luck!:D

***** Marie *****

emily said...

you look adorable here! i love the pearl detail on your shirt :) also, i hope you get better soon and catch up with your school work without a hassle! xxx

musings said...

like i said...my favorite post ever. love the jcrew :D

Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

Just the love the delicate fun details on your top!!