Wednesday, October 27, 2010

no me moleste!

warning: i am somewhat loopy right now. i'm not even sure why. i promise it's not drugs. that sounds like a joke. i'm not joking...i'm sober and great. gosh, now i just sound crazy.

anyway, life is so GREAT. so in da last post, life was really not so fabulous since i was drowning in make up work and the hard knock life of an over achieving lad like me. however, i rose above the temptations of procrasination with the help of god and am now back on track! i'm still not doing as great as i wish i was doing in my classes, but i'm all caught up and there's really no greater feeling than that. the past few days i've been feeling terribly - phsyically and mentally. but it's getting better! yay for life!!

so here's an ol' outfit post! once again, the shirt is from when i swapped a few clothes from my friend isabelle! :]

shirt - nordstrom rack (via isabelle)
jeans - store in South Korea
necklace - anthropologie (via blog giveaway!)

it's not tumblr tuesday, but i just want to share these nevertheless: (oh! it is thursday - well, 20 mins from thursday - so tumblr thursday!) :)

song of the moment
whip yo hair girl - not sure who it's by but this bird can really rock to it

also this vid makes me crack up, just cuz i know that teacher and the two main peeps (the teacher was my spanish teacher at one point)


Maddy said...

that's a cute t-shirt ;)

Cherry said...

You are so cute, and your style is sooooo awesome :)

ching said...

that gif made my day!haha
and i like the sheerness of your top! :D

Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

The prettiest top!!

Hannie said...

Cute outfit, I love the look with nerd glasses and gray blazer- adorable ♥
xoxo from Hannie

Maddy said...

I use Nikon d50 camera with 50 mm 1.8f lens :)


Destiny said...

great pictures! Love your blouse! It looks so cute on you! xxx bisous!

Kimmi said...

Really ?!
Thats funny! :P

I like this blousse. :>


Alina A. said...

lovely look. That blouse is so pretty.xx