Monday, May 30, 2011

my playlist

I know it's weird to say this of a middle aged celebrity, but Martin Solveig is so adorable. 

Every year, my school hosts a Senior Acoustic Night and I had the honor of playing for my friend (Sydney, who has been featured on CF and will be again!). Somehow, some of my music sheets got switcheroo'ed and that ended up in a big boo boo, but whatever. Apparently my mistakes were "charismatic" according to a friend (my rendition of the moment: "oh.. oh wait? huh? what?! oh no! sorry guys! the pages got out of order. sydney, where should we start? uh. oh. wait? huh. okay. um. ok"). My friend said this was his favorite moment of the night. Maybe I should mess up more? 

Sydney, my Senior Acoustic Night pal, recommended this song to me, and raw (is that the right word?) sound doesn't get old!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

a fickle heart and bitterness

As usual, got a ton of outfit posts to put up, but these are actually the most recent! Graduation is coming up in...3 weeks. I always thought it was a big deal when Christmas was a few weeks away, or when my birthday was a few weeks away, or when travelling would be a few weeks away. But this is it. There's no excuses for me to return to high school and be that...high school kid again. It's weird to think that there's no turning back. 

I'm pretty sure I will have 'something in my eye' on the last day of school/graduation, but I can't wait for what the future holds. All my dreams, all my visions can be lived out--at least I really hope so. And throughout this whole college application process and the last-ish days of my senior year, I figured out that even if things don't go your way, and if people don't see what you have to offer, the time will come and it's just up to me to give my best and 100% all the time.It was real frustrating when I thought that the people who loved me wholly for me simply...didn't. I hated dealing with judgement and I had one of those "fed up with society" moments, but it was really more than a moment or a phase, it's...just yucky. 

But anyway, I'm glad I have something to believe in; I know a lotta people hate it when I get religious but really, I'd be nothing if it weren't for God. He puts the substance into everything. All my stress and irritation and nights ending with tense eyes and tight shoulders can go away cuz I know there's more to life than this disappointment I'm going through at the moment. So thank you so much God. I haven't been giving you enough cred, and I'm super stoked for the things you have in store for me.

This is a strangely spontaneously sentimental post. Hm...awkward? Alright, let's get to the outfit photos. Heh heh...heh. These were taken after school in my high school's hallways. :)
(I actually think I look kind of scary in these. My camera is actually having some kind of disorder. It's functional and still takes photos, but it's a pain in the butt to navigate photos I've taken and sometimes it get's green and funky. Kinda cool maybe?)


 shirt - GAP, skirt - store in South Korea, tights - banana republic, shoes - nordstrom, necklace - banana republic

song of the moment - (today's blog post title is from the lyrics of~)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Class of Fashion--In Seattle

Seattle is an absolutely amazing place when it comes to opportunities to indulge in the arts. Flashing lights, Nick Cave soundsuits, etc. etc., Seattle Art Museum's Teen Night Out was off the wall to say the least. Just lounging around and people watching was fulfilling since pretty much everyone looked spiffy. I wish I went to Seattle more often!

Skye Stewart

Hunter Duryee

I love these people.
More to come. 

**Class of Fashion is looking for two people to take over Class of Fashion for the 2011-12 school year and beyond. Since I'm heading to college, I probably won't interact with high school students daily and I want to keep CF alive--I'm hoping you do too. :) If you're interested, contact Erin Kim at erinykim93 @ You can be from anywhere in the world. Hit me up.**

Friday, May 6, 2011

"would it be outrageous to say..."

...that there was steam emanating from my school's football field and my ap bio class ran out and took photos?... well then, i guess it's outrageous, and i said it! washington never ceases to surprise me with its weather. (today's blog post title actually originates from the lyrics of "too much to ask" by arctic monkeys.)

just 3 more days, and my last ap test will be done. actually i just realized how momentous that is in--of course--a fabulous way, but a really sad way too. my last ap test that i'll ever take. four years of high school slipping through my fingers to fall onto a scantron and possibly--but probably not--to receive college credit. a whole year dedicated to learning, and the final test's whatever suckah! just kidding. 

although i'm a ponderous sap when it comes to the 'end's' of things, this one i am so looking forward to the end of ap tests and finals like nothing in the world. no ap tests = less homework due (not that i did them all that well anyway...) = less stress = more.. blog time! yayyy! i have a bajillion outfit posts to put up, but of course that means nothing until actually do it.

i also recorded a vlog today, but unfortunately the audio got messed up and i sounded like a lagging man for the second half of the vid, so.. that will have to wait. yeah, cool story right?  

here's a snippet of a typical washington day (just kidding.. this is definitely not normal, but come to think of it, seattle weather is never normal). i think the ground steamed because it was raining for a lil bit, and literally all of a sudden the rain ceased and the sun started BEAMING. maybe the sudden transition caused steam. or maybe washington is just. that. magical.


 shirt - banana republic, khakis - store in south korea, shoes - target, necklace - banana republic.

and here's a sneak peak of prom night :)
more to come.

song of the moment -
too much to ask - arctic monkeys (alex turner's voice and his guitar playing make me melt)

Psssst. Check out Kenzie Faith's fabulous giveaway! I'm loving that floral bag. Could definitely come in handy for college--which I'm super stoked for!