Saturday, May 14, 2011

Class of Fashion--In Seattle

Seattle is an absolutely amazing place when it comes to opportunities to indulge in the arts. Flashing lights, Nick Cave soundsuits, etc. etc., Seattle Art Museum's Teen Night Out was off the wall to say the least. Just lounging around and people watching was fulfilling since pretty much everyone looked spiffy. I wish I went to Seattle more often!

Skye Stewart

Hunter Duryee

I love these people.
More to come. 

**Class of Fashion is looking for two people to take over Class of Fashion for the 2011-12 school year and beyond. Since I'm heading to college, I probably won't interact with high school students daily and I want to keep CF alive--I'm hoping you do too. :) If you're interested, contact Erin Kim at erinykim93 @ You can be from anywhere in the world. Hit me up.**


Camilla said...

thanks so much for stopping by on my blog, yours is so sweet x

x Camilla

J. said...

Looks like a great event! I could spend years in art museums...
Your photography is getting incredible!

Catherine said...

Ah, they both look great! I seriously admire your moxie to snap photos of strangers... I've always wanted to (well, since the emergence of street style blogs) but I end up feeling shy around them. Maybe sometime soon, hopefully!

I hope all is well with ya!


Miles Of Style said...

they look spiffy indeed!

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Margaret said...

The boy's smile is absolutely infectious - made me crack up, in a good way :)

During NY Fashion Week, I asked this supermodel I could take her photo, but she just looked at me weird...maybe I should have asked someone else...

Chelsea Lane said...

ahh so cool! I heart heart heart Seattle. the arts here are really amazing :) love this event!