Thursday, May 19, 2011

a fickle heart and bitterness

As usual, got a ton of outfit posts to put up, but these are actually the most recent! Graduation is coming up in...3 weeks. I always thought it was a big deal when Christmas was a few weeks away, or when my birthday was a few weeks away, or when travelling would be a few weeks away. But this is it. There's no excuses for me to return to high school and be that...high school kid again. It's weird to think that there's no turning back. 

I'm pretty sure I will have 'something in my eye' on the last day of school/graduation, but I can't wait for what the future holds. All my dreams, all my visions can be lived out--at least I really hope so. And throughout this whole college application process and the last-ish days of my senior year, I figured out that even if things don't go your way, and if people don't see what you have to offer, the time will come and it's just up to me to give my best and 100% all the time.It was real frustrating when I thought that the people who loved me wholly for me simply...didn't. I hated dealing with judgement and I had one of those "fed up with society" moments, but it was really more than a moment or a phase, it's...just yucky. 

But anyway, I'm glad I have something to believe in; I know a lotta people hate it when I get religious but really, I'd be nothing if it weren't for God. He puts the substance into everything. All my stress and irritation and nights ending with tense eyes and tight shoulders can go away cuz I know there's more to life than this disappointment I'm going through at the moment. So thank you so much God. I haven't been giving you enough cred, and I'm super stoked for the things you have in store for me.

This is a strangely spontaneously sentimental post. Hm...awkward? Alright, let's get to the outfit photos. Heh heh...heh. These were taken after school in my high school's hallways. :)
(I actually think I look kind of scary in these. My camera is actually having some kind of disorder. It's functional and still takes photos, but it's a pain in the butt to navigate photos I've taken and sometimes it get's green and funky. Kinda cool maybe?)


 shirt - GAP, skirt - store in South Korea, tights - banana republic, shoes - nordstrom, necklace - banana republic

song of the moment - (today's blog post title is from the lyrics of~)


janettaylor said...

What a cute outfit!


Miranda said...

Congrats on your upcoming graduation! That's so exciting. I love that skirt, it's just perfect with that top. You look like you should be in a J Crew ad! :)

Andie said...

gotta love adele and her new album
and congrats on graduating (soon), i feel old too, and im just an incoming senior! but it really feels like just yesterday when you walked the halls as a freshman *sigh*

love your striped shirt and GOD ROCKS!

LO' said...

I have to say that you made my day lovely girl :)
Thanks a lot. ♥


r0zz said...

your outfit is so cute!! :D and i knew that post title sounded familiar! i love adele too and her music is so awesome! :D

J. said...

You look great, and have really amazing cheek bones!
And look at things this way, yes, high school is ending but really, your life is just beginning. And there's nothing wrong with being grateful to God.

Margaret said...

Oh, you're so cute! I know what you mean...I graduated from Mannes Prep on Saturday after attending only one year, but still, I felt pretty sad since I had a great time rubbing elbows with other fellow musicians...

It's kind of weird how it's all over. I still remember in ninth grade thinking, "Oh, I still have a LONG time left!" And look at this, heading off to college.

Anna said...

hi cutie! i'm SOO grateful for God in my life as well.. where would we be without Him..really?
your style is so classic chic, simple & sweet :) i LOOOOVE your got it last summer right? oh & your hair looks so good in these pics :P and i love adele!

Alex said...

hai der

Katie said...

What a cute outfit! I love your skirt! The color is just perfect!

I know just how you feel, too. I am graduating next year, and it's scary, but I just have to trust God. He has everything under control. ;-)

Irene ( said...

Congratulations on graduating soon! I'm looking forward to your blog post about it. <3

Your shoes are super cute and I love that necklace!