Friday, August 31, 2012

kicking my shoes off

a love hate relationship. besides in relation to nutella and justin bieber, those words have not held much more feeling and meaning to me than in terms of blogging. that sounds like a harsh thing (and a very hard to grammatically correctly put thing). but it only means that much to me.

most of my "recent" posts seem to have solely showcased my remorse for not being stable with the so called act of blogging. to hash it out with you, i think because i was 'scared' of 'not regularly posting,' i posted less regularly. but a void has been screaming from the depths of me. and as i've been hesitantly looking into that lonely valley, i have made a peace treaty with this lost entity. in other english words: i've come to terms--in a super good way. i'm not going to do your typical every 3 days an outfit post with a little diary format and maybe a personal post with instagram or some edited life pics to top off the week (if you do, i give you the best props because obviously i struggle with that). but i have faith in unofficialism. so let's face it, these posts will be random--be it three times a week, or three times a month--but they will kick ass. hopefully they'll fall under one of these cat(egorie)s

outfits | music | journals (photos/english) | notes (i.e. midnight streams of consciousness)

in complete relevance to this, i am indescribably excited for this new year of college because i am now creating my own major--or 'concentration' since anything else is obviously too mainstream--so i can study all the things i have ever dreamed of and not be limited by course/major requirements, etc. such is this amazing nyc life. just goes to show, this fiesty asian girl cannot be tamed--by typical blogging format, major requirements, mainstream love/hate for bieber, etcetera.

speaking of nyc livin', some pictures from me to you. my pal chuck took these in greenwich village, so all the credit and luv to him....

i post this with reluctance but let's be real, a funny photo is a funny photo.
call me maybe and i'll get angry?

until next time <3>

so right now - an ode to my love hate relationship with/for/appropriate-preposition bieber