Monday, April 18, 2011

Class of Fash

 Last weekend, I was lucky enough to get to attend Vera Project's DIYfest in Seattle and I saw some awesome bands, collected some neat stickers and got lost driving in Seattle! But the most exciting part: getting to feature one of Iji's band members as a Class of Fashion-er. :) 

When a guy can wear white skinny pants well, I am immediately highly impressed. Plus, the vintage patterns and rich colors of his shirt were really awesome. But most of all, he had an awesome personality! I love it when stylish people have amazing personalities as well.


 fruits = extra class :)

Thanks Shelby! Hopefully I run into you again; you are awesome!

And I have to say, from the four bands that performed that night, Iji and The Pharmacy were my favorite! Since we're talking about Shelby though, most def check out Iji at their myspace page. ;)


Catherine said...

I've been meaning to pull my white jeans out of my drawer! Ah, I'm totally loving this guy's shirt. The pattern is so cool, I'd love it as a little sundress.


jordanleigh. said...

Class of Fash?! MORE LIKE CLASS (of?) FISH. :)

I love how simple his outfit is. When you think about it, it's just a shirt, jeans and beat-up Vans (WHICH I AM ADORING RIGHT NOW), but he makes it look so good!

The bracelet he's wearing--is it just a tied piece of string?