Friday, April 8, 2011

roses are red, violets are blue, and so are these tights

(as i typed this blog post's title, i have come to question, are violets actually blue?...ponder of the day)

my friend isabelle (whom i recently took some fab photos with) recently hand-me-downed some amazing bright blue tights! i've always wanted bright, opaque tights and i can't wait to wear these! while shopping for tights with and for a friend today, i came to realize how often i wear them and how much i love them! tights are so awesome i'm not sure how else to describe them.

since i'm new to the world of bright tights, i went to my go-to source of endless (literally, photos keep appearing when you think there's no more) fashion inspiration,, and searched "blue tights." so many different and inspiring images of outfit posts with blue tights appeared that i thought i'd compile my favorites into a blog post. if you've never worn bright tights, this might be your chance.

1. for a modern and casual-business look, blue tights matched with a simple black skirt or shorts seems like the way to go. button details add a playful touch to a dramatic look.

2. for a more feminine and vintage look, pair blue tights with a lacy, white or off-white top. the blue packs a pleasant punch and keeps a so-fem look down to earth, yet still daring, darling, and out of the norm.

other tips:
since bright blue can be super eye-catching, tone it down with softer hues of light pink, grey or even a different and darker shade of blue. this will emphasize your awesome bright tights.

even it out with another equally bright accessory:
like a chic, mustard yellow scarf.

or a colorful hair accessory

play with prints. patterns--like polka dots--paired with bright blue can exude a subtle and fresh vintage vibe:

how will i wear my new bright blue tights? i'm not sure but i can promise you it will be on my mind everytime i look at my closet. i'll keep you posted :)

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Wendan said...

I loooove tights too! I have a hot pink pair :) I think bright tights look amazing with black shorts!