Saturday, April 23, 2011

frolicking in the sun

You know when you have a good gal pal you wanna chill with, but somehow never get the time to and it's not even because of excuses or something. Yeah, well, I had one of those until I finally met up with my gorgeous chum Anna (who you might recognize from an ol' summer photoshoot-ish post). 

Because of her irresistible adorable-ness, it was tough enough for me to choose which photos to edit from our photo collection, but as I was editing some of the photos, it was even tougher to edit because I'd got lost in her beauty. If I was a boy, I'd be head over heels for her at this point. Anyway, enough of my girl crush...

Right before taking some photos, we chowed down at Red Robin--I discovered honey mustard + fries is really yummy in my tummy, and bought gray tights (for Anna) at Banana Republic for really cheap! So her tights are fresh off the rack. ;)



I told you she's irresistible.

so, at this point, you are probably fully convinced that she is doll. i am. ;)

for some photos she took of me, head over to her post (and for a hilarious photo of some ppl photobombing us--i lol at it every time).


Tegan said...

yes, she is indeed a doll! I love the colours of what she's wearing - very cute and feminine! xo

musings said...

i love her necklace! i wish i was as cute as anna, she is absolutely adorable.

janettaylor said...

Lovely cardi!

Happy Easter to you and your family!

J. said...

Those tights were perfect for her look! And yes, she is adorable and you are becoming an incredible photographer!

Margaret said...

Aww your friend is SO ADORABLE! And you took the photos? If you come to NYC for college, I should enslave you as my photographer...hmmm..

Maria E. said...

She is super adorable! I love her outfit, and the photos are great too. :)

Maria Elyse

Eeshie said...

Aww! She's very pretty!!

fox in pocket said...

ouh, sooooo cute!
yes, doll, absolutely!

The Cat Hag said...

Love this outfit, it's so uber sweet!! ♥

The Cat Hag