Sunday, April 25, 2010

media mumble

(i have no idea what i mean by "media mumble" but it's "alliterative" so yay! :D)

so the JSA spring state convention was pretty great! i had the guts to do a few impromptu speeches as a subsequent speakers for debates besides my own such as "the supreme court justice should have term limits" (pro), "all men are not created equal" (con). and i wanted to speak for "compulsory secondary education should be gone" (i dont remember the exact resolution, but i wanted to go for con). feel free to formspring me if you want to know why i have positions for those and other things (i dont want to explain why for each xD).

the main downside was the debate i prepared all night for was kinda cancelled and just became a mini discussion/thought talk. :( for every debate, there's a best speaker and i really believe i could've got it, but because it wasn't a debate, it just wasn't the same! these two other guys, who made some great points, but digressed so much (!!) got the award, but oh well, i should stop being a sore loser. xP

i had a pretty nice time at the dance though! you would think that the a dance at a debate convention would be super nerdy... but no. it was a complete grind fest - the girls' butts were higher up their their head cuz they were full on 90 degrees... if you understand what i'm saying. anyway, i did my homework for a few minutes while meeting some new people and then i headed to the dance for a bit. i wish we did swing dances, or even hoe downs instead of grind fests. seriously. D: oh well, i whipped out some dance moves with my friends in the corner. i have so much more to say, but i dont want to tire you! here's some (very) random pics of the day from my tumblr (feel free to follow it) :)

that's a real princess cruise!


rest in peace mj

song of the moment -
michael jackson - blood on the dance floor
anita o'day - that old feeling :)
(i totally felt that old feeling this weekend, even though i met him for the first time.. anyway that's another story)
(both songs are on my playlist)


jamiesuee said...

"i totally felt that old feeling this weekend, even though i met him for the first time.. anyway that's another story"

whatt? do tell :]

Sara Lynn said...

Awesome pics! I wish danceclubs were more like real dancing too sometimes, that is why I stick to live music. But it sounds like you had fun :)

S + Y said...

Thanks for the sweet comment! Your blog is lovely. I love the selection of music here! It makes me happy! :)