Friday, April 30, 2010

happy weekend!

i decided to upload some pictures from the JSA (debate) convention last weekend, and from the National Honor Society (NHS) induction from this week! i got elected as NHS President for the 2010-11 year and I'm really excited for all the events and things to come! i'm not sure why, but i just love leadership, working with others, and purposefully going after a mission. :)

shirt and pants - banana republic (i love that store!)

my mom bought me these shoes for christmas a few years ago. :) it's so hard to find fitting shoes with size 5 feet. xD

pictures from the NHS induction:my fashionable friend (other guy trying to be tall and me eating grapes) :)

yes i was pretty excited. :))

here are some pictures to enjoy over the weekend. :] peace out ya'll!

big fish (great movieee) (if you have nothing to do this weekend, watch big fish and breakfast at tiffany's :D)

song of the moment
spongebob - fool who ripped his pants
(it's actually a good song. haha)

"be true to yourself! dont miss your chance! and you wont end up like a fool who ripped his pants"


Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Erin!! I love your dress code for the convention!! congrats on being the president and you look great! :)

Lovely blog! Following you! :)

Alix said...

Hi, nice blog !

Alix said...

I follow you ;)

Lori said...

lol i love that spongebob song! love your outfits, that peach top is really cute

J. said...

My nephew loves that Sponge Bob song! (Play it again...I've listened to it for 20 minutes straight!)

Congrats on the NHS...well deserved!

Missy M said...

fab post! i love that first top x

High street + Couture =