Sunday, May 2, 2010

do something

i'm always so inspired to do something. i want to change this world and do great things, and it's so nice to know that God's got an awesome plan for me. just the plans i'm thinking of are stinkin' awesome, but it puts me in exciting awe that He has a plan that's greater than i could ever comprehend nor imagine...

one day, or even every day of my life, i want to show the whole world that life can be good, and that life is beautiful. yeah, people stink, we all want money, cheat, lie, and.. we all just stink, but wow, by the grace of God, life is so good because i know that i am free.

via flickr

it brings me tears of joy when i think about this freedom, because i have no idea how my life would be without it. everything would be meaningless. every step i make and every breath i take would be lifeless. but then again, it brings me tears of sadness, and even hopelessness because there are so many people out there that want happiness - something to fill their lives with purpose. but they just can't see it.

i wanna show the world, that people dont have to smoke marijuana, get drunk and party or cut themselves to be happy. no, there's something real out there, real love, real life... i wish i could do something right now.... D:


ok, that was cheesy. i'll stop here... xD

so with all my AP tests coming up (spanish, us history, english), i've been stressing so much, i even slept through my alarm and was 30 mins late to school for a few days last week. D: but it's such a relief when i remember that i can rest on God - man, I dont have a clue what i'd do without him.

i was facebooking the other day - i need to stop procrastinating - and i came across my friend's adorable pictures so i thought i'd share em with you. :)

song of the moment -
lady gaga - beautiful, dirty, rich

and i like this video, elijah wood is so cyoot. xP


magpie said...

Those pictures of your friends are ADORABLEEE. I love them dearly :)

you're so optimistic. It's refreshing!

Dang. Did I not email you back???

Probably not. Sorrry. Busy :(

I will I willl I will!

Persis Shah said...

great pics and this post is so inspiring.

just passing by your blog and i have to say its so PRETTY. come check out mine to when you have some time.


janettaylor said...

I really love that campaign! :)

Happy fresh week!

knk said...

i like this post looks those guys are i video are so serious

Marz said...

This is such a sweet post! I seriously love it. I love the part where you say that you don't have to smoke, get drunk or party to be truly fulfilled and happy: this is seriously something that I live by right now, but I know that a lot of people don't see it this way. You've got a great sense of yourself Erin, and it really shows through your beautiful words!
And how cute are those pictures?!
Good luck on your exams, I'm sure you'll do amazing :)

Anna said...

Beautiful pictures, so inspiring and it goes with the free theme of the post. I really completely agree with what you wrote, and it is so wonderful to know that we don't have to smoke, etc. to have a wonderful life..

JINX said...

i your blog...

J. said...

Super cute campaign...EW is adorable!
I love your unstoppable faith! You always make me stop and think and be grateful...thank you!

knk said...

hi hoe are you erin
i am happy to see you in my blog
i am not here to say thanks
i am here see you new post but unfortunately u didnt post anything so sad
see tomorrow i will wait for your new post

kentamurakami said...

Do you know where the Flickr image is from?
I want to add the photographer hahaha.
This is really really lovely Erin :]
I love how you think