Tuesday, May 11, 2010

what you might not have known about me

my math buddy, flickr friend and occasional blogger stalker tagged me in sharing 10 random facts about me-self! fo sho check our her flickr photostream, she's doing this 365 self portrait project and it's really amazing. :D

her flickr photostream

here i go! :]

1. I talk to myself and rerun conversations in my head and out loud. (I also pretend to win awards and go through the "i'd like to thank my mom... etc." yes, i'm pretty nerdy.)
2. I like to pretend I'm really gang$ter and gHeTtO.
3. I love children with all my heart. :)
4. My favorite food is Korean BBQ - it's probably the best thing in the world.
5. I love old films and would enjoy becoming a movie producer one day.
6. My favorite cartoon character is Snoopy. I love anything Peanuts!
7. I secretly like to watch kiss scenes in movies on youtube (like this one). (i know... soooo embarassing)
8. Sometimes I wish I was hipster, cool, indie and scene... yeah, shhh on this one too. ;D
9. If it weren't for my health problems and limitations, I think I could rule the world.
10. I can only sing well to Disney songs - I don't understand it.
11. I've always dreamed to live in a rural town where everyone knew each other - there'd be an ice cream and candy shop, local butcher and florist, annual carnivals and local parades and i could just ride my bicycle everyday and hang with my dog (like in Because of Winn-Dixie or Big Fish)

(i added an extra one.) :]

some of those are actually very deep/embarassing, so do not share them with the whole world... publishing this on my blog is probably the wrong way to do this for that purpose, but oh well... :P please share some of your random/unknown facts! :)

and pretend you were tagged (i'm too lazy to tag people so, I tag YOU); feel free to list 10 random facts about yourself! :)

here's some random pics of the day:


Leona said...

If I didn't believe in God I'm sure I'd be a lot worse off, too. :) He gives me strength.

The bunny in the picture is cute.

J. said...

You are too adorable! A scenester in a small town...I just love your blog!

Oana Roxana said...

The second pic of the day is cool and that bunny is really cute. :)