Sunday, January 2, 2011


Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I'll be posting again soon! Life is going great, hangin with my broma (brother and ma) ;) and finished all my college apps. Holla! My 2011 resolutions:
  • blog more,
  • procrastinate less (there is a slight irony with those two resolutions),
  • drink milk every day,
  • every day homework first!!!,
  • pray 5 minutes before i sleep,
  • all in all, manage my time better, keep calm and carry on, and always prioritize what's good. (so much for saying "all in all"!)
You can probably tell I'm really loopy right now, so I'll just close here! See you in a few weeks hopefully! In the mean time, I'll be studying for finals and trying to catch up on all my studies! If you ever wanna holla, feel free to comment or even email me! I am always checking those. :) And I will probably update with quick posts of media I'm enjoying (like the following videos) in the mean time so stay tuned for those. :)


songs of the moment -
american boy - estelle
lasso - phoenix

videos of the moment -
i must say family guy asian jokes never cease to crack me up

and everybody can enjoy a lil christopher walken + lady gaga


Anonymous said...

congrats on finishing your apps!!! and i love your resolutions. oh, and you. happy new year!

Lu said...

hmm, your resolution list looks alot like mine! haha. but i also have finish p90x on mine. but we'll see how that fold outs. hope you have am amazing year sugar!
wolves and sparklers

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm trying not to procrastinate so I can sleep more. We shall work together! Harharhar. Praying for 5 minutes sounds like a very good resolution. The speaker at my church today was asking us to write a spiritual new year's resolution, so I'm still thinking about mine. Happy New Year! See you at school dear. :o)

Kimmi said...

Happy new year, too. ;P


That Blond Guy said...

Happy New Year!!!!

I was just scrolling through your playlist, and am totally psyched because I've never met anyone before who listens to The Shins.

Catherine said...

Happy New Year! :)

I've gotten to the point where I'm finished most of my applications - I have to submit my portfolio to two, scores to another, and then I have to complete another. It's such a process! Congrats on finishing!


J. said...

Great videos! Family Guy always makes me laugh!

Happy New Year Darling!

Anonymous said...

Very good resolutions. Particularly like the one on less procrastination and managing time and keeping calm. No stress! :)