Saturday, January 22, 2011

a first love: blogging's been exactly one year since my first post on this blog! blogging has been an unexpectedly awesome experience to say the least. 1 year and 139 posts ago, i thought this blog would be a lonely journal with me talking about my life, but i started posting photos of fashion/art that i liked and transferred the inspiration i had seen from other bloggers into my lifestyle. i've learned so many ways to think creatively about my clothes and i realized that my career doesn't have to be just journalism (what i think i'll go into, or communications...), but i can incorporate stuff i love with it too!

the biggest thing i love about blogging is interacting with other awesome bloggers. to this day, i penpal with a few bloggers whom i discovered through...blogging! i'm not quite sure what life would be like without them. and knowing that people spend the time to take even 5 seconds to visit my blog is just awesome. it's really crazy to think that...someone cares about what i think! sure, lots of bloggers probably just skim my post, comment with something trite and expect me to follow them back; i gotta admit, i've done that a few times myself, but when i remember why i started blogging, i remember that i blog for the sake of blogging-which has been my first love.

i say that because recently i found this awesome website about "first loves." it was created by some of northwestern's (love that school!) interactive design students and i was definitely inspired by it. totally recommend it to anyone! some stories are LOL-inducing and others are tear-stimulating (they're not just like "first loves" as in people, i promise. that would be too sappy, although i'd probably read that too). my favorites are john travolta, spaghetti, "she drives me crazy," and erin (not because it's my name or me, haha. this one was actually a serious one).


but back to being sappy about the blogiversary...thank you so much for making my first year of blogging really awesome. i think i have some readers who read my blog but have never told me so do holla, comment, email, whatever! (except please don't stalk me)

i also added a poll to the side of my blog to get your feedback about my blog! please do let me know: what you like about my blog, what you don't (constructive criticism is always appreciated) and what you'd like to see (new and old)! :):) i really want to change up my blog layout to something sleek, cool and simple, so if you have advice for that, please give a shout for that as well!

OH YEAH. BIG NEWS. 1ST SEMESTER OF MY SENIOR YEAR IS OVER. that means i have more of an excuse for senioritis to kick in; i.e. more time! i'm super super stoked and looking forward to interacting with more bloggers, hopefully start featuring other bloggers, but most of all, bringing back CLASS OF FASHION. and once i go to college, i'm hoping to do my own giveaways! i've wanted to since months ago, but couldn't because my parents don't really get blogging and yadda.

SO YES. Life is fabu at the moment. and i really hope it is for you as well.

let's just say, before today i have been feeling a lil like this:

and now i feel like dis:

Here are some outfit pics from the week. :)

outfit details:
dress - urban outfitters
cardigan - banana republic
tights - anthropologie

outfit details
tee - gap
scarf - american apparel
cardigan banana republic
shorts - store in south korea
tights - j crew
necklace - ciel boutique

once again:

songs of the moment (you know me, can't pick just one song) -
(She and Him's new music video!)

Lily Allen - Never Gonna Happen (I especially like the chorus)


Anonymous said...

Hi Erin Kim,

I tagged you! Hope you like it :)

check out for how it works :)


Catherine said...

You are so adorable! Congrats on blogging for a year :) I'm guilty of just skimming many posts, but I do indeed read yours! You seem so easy to relate to. It still boggles my mind that anyone reads my blog!

Hope all is well with you!
PS My first semester is over too! I'm glad to hear you'll be blogging more!

Catherine said...

Coincidentally, I had my Brown interview yesterday! I was surprised to hear from someone so quickly. If you don't get one soon, I'm sure there's someone you can email to try to set something up.

Maria said...

Your blog is amazing, just new follower :)
Do you want to follow my blog?

love your outfit

"this fashion lark." said...

Such a good picture from That 70s Show!!! Love your dress too x

Kendra said...

Congratulations! One year is very exciting, I love where your blog can take you :)

maggeygrace said...

Happy blog-aversary!!!

That's so exciting:) I love that you were not only my first blog commenter, but first blog friend too! So exciting:) Email coming sooon!

gingerSnap said...

I like your cardigan. Nice!
I'm following:) Check out my blog too.

Eva said...

happy first bloggiversary! mine is coming up in february!
your blog is so cute :)

Stefany said...

Happy one year boggiversary, that's amazing :) xx

Estefany @ The Helmet Head said...

That's a cute post!
your outfits are all cute so you're good to go!

janettaylor said...