Wednesday, January 19, 2011

in the mean time

It's almost by blog-iversary :DD but until then, here are some things you can feast on while I prepare for my finals this week. It's been a wacky few months I tell you...

In between studying for exams, I've been listening to Two Door Cinema Club so much. I love them European musicians. (Speaking of which, I miss Europe! I can't wait to go back, whenever that may be...) I actually wrote about them a whileee back. :)

Not only do they have a really fresh and..."good" sound (after reading countless pages on cellular respiration, the roles of a president, starting at ugly numbers, I am devoid of brilliant vernacular...), but their music video is really great, a quality short film I'll say. I also think the way Sam Halliday eats toast at 1:10 is very...adorable?

I'll be honest, I'm not a big fan of their new music video for "What You Know," but I love the song nevertheless and am utterly jealous of the girls who get to smooch them in the video.

The scenery in this video made me very nostalgic of my travels in Europe. mm...

talk to you soon! :)


ching said...

european musicians are interesting..and im new to this band, thanks for sharing.

Zaia said...

oh lord, i just posted on them! went to seen them for the second time less that a week ago and had a blast.i think they might even be my favorite band..( huge statement for me!)
these guys are the coolest,and they dont take themselves seriously,¸while making awesome music! xx

Kenya said...

erin <3
I've listened the band and they sound really good!
About your last post I had read it but there are some stuff I didn't understand :S, I really think you will go over it, with a little effort you'll be up again
I'll look for the book you recommend it and then I tell you how I found it
big big kisses

Ming said...

Oh golly. The nostalgia. This was one of my favoritEST bands of summer '10. And Jukebox the Ghost!