Tuesday, July 10, 2012

sand in my sweater: isabelle

it's midnight. i have work in the morning. and i'm still writing this. i really don't understand my blogging habits and i'm never sure how i haven't given up not writing about my blogging spontaneity to start most of my 'recent' posts. anyway!

i recently returned from a homecoming in seattle, only to lock away some of my favorite days in my life (although there are many, but they aren't every day). to ensue: more journal-esque photos and erin-ish writing of my five-day seattle summer (i was going to say sappy writing, then would have edited that to broody writing, then darkly humorous writing, then i just went for erin writing. whether or not you agree with any of those adjectives, i guess you'll have to accept the fact that i write my writing.) for the moment, in order to quench both my desire for rebellious late night blogging/test my morning abilities to stay sane, and your itch to know something about erin's modern life: some photos of someone you might call a chum from my chum bucket. 

7am. alki beach. good old seattle, washington.

to be continued (with photos of isabelle avec erin)...

call it what you want - foster the people

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Sarah Wilson said...

I Love the colour of the top! Please check out my blog (i've just started)!