Tuesday, June 26, 2012

cats. more animals. something like home.

hoping pictures will speak its thousands of words that they're meant to be worth to substitute for my inability to look at a computer screen any longer as i look at computer screens for 10 straight hours for my internship every summer day. but i really do enjoy it, trust me. 

unedited, uncut outfit photos, i believe these were my last ones before i moved out of my freshman dorm. i dont know when i will find stairwells like that again. on that note, i dont know how i will take outfits photos again. crap. 
[wow i sound really bitter right now, but i promise i am smiling as we speak.] ;(

sweater--friend, dress--h&m (one of my favs!), flats--cathy jean, bag--zara (bday gift from mom!) 

@bronx zoo: otters and twig insects and atlas beetles, oh my!

 just strollin' like a peacock does. whatitdo.

subway ride downtown

a quick shot at the guggenheim:

 my dorm room before i took it all down:

 why yes i did have christmas decorum up from december til may.

i went to a few concerts to say the least. 

good night. buenas noches. sayonara. until i spontaneously decide to blog again.

song of the moment - 
the black keys - gold on the ceiling (saw them live in madison square garden and it was real)

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Sandra said...

I have that dress too! In both colors! Love it so much :)Cute animal photos =^..^=