Wednesday, April 4, 2012

between the lines

although i just tried to pick a witty title for this post, i realized that it's actually quite relevant to my current situation. feeding off from what happened in my last post, things have been a bit rickety. the future seems simply hazy and i wish i could guide my life in the right way, the way that'll not only continue my personal happiness but inspire others, the way that'll not only fulfill my life but achieve god's will--most of all. 

there are so many careers defined by a few letters: doctor, journalist, photographer, artist, this, that, what. i love so many things that i'm confused about having to pick one. i dont want to pick one. and i know that the real world wants me to specialize, but, can't i specialize in.. not picking one career pathway? 

anywho, i'm not so worried anymore because i know there's an awesome future lying ahead of me, there has always been, and that's why i'm loving where i am now. i know the best is yet to come and i know and yet i don't. eee the 1AM gibberish is getting to me so i'm going to stop myself. one thing i know for sure, i like clothes! here's a recent outfit that i enjoyed putting together :) 

(this was when someone caught me self timing myself and said "HA! I got to see it all happen!" or something like that and i was embarassed and yeah)

shirt - anthropologie,  necklace - brooklyn flea market, skirt - south korea street store, tights - anthropologie, shoes - aldo

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Jamie said...

i love you erin! praying for you dear :) and i have almost the same skirt! love itttt.