Sunday, March 6, 2011

Class of Fashion: Sound Off

Once again, I apologize for the major CF hiatus. You'd think being a second semester senior would make life easier, but that definitely has not been the case for me. Buttt (don't we all like big but's), I took a few pictures of some fine lookin' fellas at Sound Off (it's like a Pacific Northwest local bands competition) at the Experience Music Project in Seattle. I hope you like them!

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 Her scarf was gorgeous! And a cat shirt makes anything classy.

I loved how each of them had their own distinct styles. I especially liked the girl in the center's beanie/hat. :)
You don't know how excited to tell you that, this is the first guy I'm featuring on CF! But you also don't know how sad I am to tell you that the photo is out of focus. When I found out, I felt/looked a little like this and this. But since he was looking so fly, and you can still tell what he's wearing, I thought I'd post it nevertheless.  (And Shawn, if you're reading this, 1. I am super sorry! and 2. I think you should be a model. You have some seriously fine swag.)

Shawn McNabb and friend 

Trendy Thomas (I even met a fellow fashion blogger!) and Simone :)

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Erin said...

That sounds like such a cool event! All of the pictures are great, even if a little blurry. I love the last one, especially.


Fashion Underwater

Catherine said...

I always love your Class of Fashion posts... and that sounds like a fun event. I wish Philly were more teen friendly!

Hope all is well!


That Blond Guy said...

Hm..."hiatus." That sounds like a plant.

Wait, local band competition? Are you in a band?!

Margaret said...

Thanks for the sweet comment and thank you for following! <3 I'm going to see if I can add some color in any way possible :)

I read from one of your posts that you're from Bellevue. I'm from Washington State too! (I moved to NY last fall) I live 5 min from Idaho so there's really nothing special going on...

New follower! Your blog is lots of fun to read.