Friday, September 24, 2010

A week in the life: "YOU are awesome"

Another week has gone by like SHABAM and I just can't believe it. I've already learned so much and I don't know when I'll find the time to do college apps! Clubs have begun and I'm so excited! But it sure is a lotta work. Well, blogging will make me happy for now! Lots of good things have happened this week - well, every week is really great but y'know! &thank you so much for the awesome comments and feedback in the last post! I really appreciated them! :)

my favoureet pair of sox found for a few bucks from a vendor in South Korea.

Today I also found out I'm an "AP Scholar"! It's the first time I got a serious award for something!! I did get an Art Award in 9th grade, but this is like a legit academic award. Yahooo!!

First Art Appreciation Association (it's a club that celebrates film, music, theatre, foster children to learn music, and mucho mas) meeting of the year! We saw this amazing short film starring TJ Thyme of Bones. :] I pretty much gaurantee that you'll smile watching this video (this film is where I got the "YOU are awesome" quote):

I went on a Class Council retreat and played awesome ice breakers with other students. I love games!! I decided to bust out some purple and gold spirit that day. :] This was also the day I found out I'm going to be (and now am) a talent for our school's TV show. (video later in the post if you want to see me 'moving' if y'know what I mean).

So so sleepyzzzzz. I admit, I dozed in not just one, but a few classes. I really need to stop sleeping at 12 every night... Nevertheless, Franz Ferdinand keeps us all entertained (I love the dancing after 1:25, his legs are super slender!)

First I-Vision (the name of our school's TV announcements show) of the year! If you want to hear my voice and see random people from my school:

(I think I look kinda sassy in the left photo above.. hahaha).

outfit details:
shirt - H&M (in Korea if it makes a difference? :O)
jeans - iT jeans (from Nordstrom)

Song of the moment -
No You Girls - Franz Ferdinand (on my playlist) :) (I don't like the second half, but the chorus is just so catchy. And in the music video, at 0:52, so much hot/cuteness)

Video of the moment -
This Elmo video completely made my day (although I did not appreciate his wasabi and no eyelids joke...but he gave good advice so I guess it's ok). My favorite parts were 4:00-4:30 and everytime he would super enthusiastically say HI!! to the question-ppl ("HELLO CASEEEYYY IN MISSISSTHIPPI!!). :)

Have an awesomeeee weekend! I hope this week goes well! The first week with all clubs in place... Wooo!O!!

PS. A Class of Fashion post shall come soon!!


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i love the white shirt!

where are you planing to move? if I have th oportunity i wont hesitate on visiting you :)


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So much going on! (: Glad to hear that you are doing well! Your socks are rather awesome and I love that shirt. <3

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I love your socks!

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I just love your spirit! Congrats on the award, it sounds as though school is going great for you!

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cute post! definitely sassy :)

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oh cute socks hahaha I like the LV socks!! and congrats on the award :D

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you are adorablee :)
congratulations on your award!!