Sunday, October 17, 2010

With a little magic...

Soooo this is going to mostly be a photo-fun-filled post! Last night was Homecoming and it was so refreshing to not have to worry about anything but lookin' perty with some friends and music. I'm so excited to submit my Early Decision app in a few days!

And I just found out that I'm a semi-finalist of my first scholarship! Wish me g'luck at the interview this Saturday! I mentioned my blog (in both my scholarship and college app) so thank you guys for being there. My blog has really been valuable and I'm not sure what my life would be like without it. From Class of Fashion, to just life-posts like this, man, all I can say is, God is good.

And please do pray for my health. Everything except my health and my relationship with my mom has been great. Those are two big things, but all the good things have overshadowed them I guess. I've been hacking mucus all day and feeling like a Thermos - if that makes sense. My voice sounds like a broken harmonica and I sneezed in my tea twice today. They make for a good story right? ;) I'm sure you very much appreciated this journal.

Oh and other "fun" news. During the car ride to the dance, my friends and I were listening to this one song with lyrics that go "flash yo titties," (I promise that is not my normal music taste) and someone cut her off while driving so I shouted "everybody flash yo titties!" We didn't actually do it, but it was just.. great in the weirdest way. Sorry for the terrible grammar and what not. It's late, I'm sleepy, not a good combo.

Wow, this post is wordier than I thought. Anyway, here's some photos from da night and from spirit week ! I love school spirit and I love life! :D

click images to enlarge

That's my pops and me! We look so alike. :)

My fashionista friend Isabelle (who also blogs and obvi wears gorgeous clothes)

Magic Monday! (during spirit week)

I think I was actually tripping in this photo...

This photo came out super yellow so my friend (aka, big sista from anotha motha) editted it for me. I look extra Harry Potter-like. Cho Chang much? (if you have time, you should check out her flickr photos! she has some really fun 365 portrait thangs) ;)

PS. Sorry for not editing a lot of these photos! I just had to blog, so this is the best I could do! :) Thanks again for all the support! G'bless! :)

song of the moment
teddy picker - arctic monkeys
and any song that is just groovin like september - earth, wind and fire


musings said...

you are still the cutest person ever. i feel like i say that about all of your blog posts. first comment!

suzy said...

this is so strange--i hadn't been getting your blog updates in my reader [which is weird, because i'm a follower...] and all of a sudden this morning, i have a million, as if you posted like 20 posts in five minutes. what the heck? anyways.
you're so cute. :)

Catherine said...

I adore your dress! It's so pretty! Normally I'm not a fan of pink, but there's just the right amount of edge to it!

Also: I wish my school had cool spirit weeks. Magic day seems so fun... all we have is college tshirt day :(

Also: good luck on your interview! I've been skeptical to include it on my applications, but it's a huge part of my light so I figure I might as well.

Also: Early Decision to Columbia? Congrats & good luck! :)

Wendan said...

Love the dress and your hair! Too cute :)

emily said...

you look pretty here! :) i love the dress!

fhen said...

you look so adorable in the dress and that harry potter themed outfit is damn cute!