Sunday, November 7, 2010


Last night was fabulous. Not because of wild raving or crazy partying, but because I met with like-minded people who loved life because it's! I feel like people try to have the craziest weekends and do wild things to make life exciting, but really, life is so awesome just the way it is! And I think hanging out with people who really want to make a difference in the world, and being surrounded by such passion, man, that's just the best thing.

To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to last night's gala that much, but I really loved it! Maybe it's because people complimented me a lot for my speaking skills during my acceptance speech (for this Asian American scholarship), but I just loved meeting new people and knowing that they wanted to meet and support me. My mom told me one lady started to cry a wee bit after my speech. ^^;;

Even though I'm Asian myself, I had always imagined the general Asian population to be a bunch of nerdy, tacky, impolite overachievers that just want to go to an Ivy League. Even though I was sure that wasn't the truth, I rarely found those Asians who were really...sincere, wonderful people, but I've finally found them and it really makes me more confident to say that I'm an Asian American. :)

Anyway, I'm just so grateful I had this opportunity--meeting new people, winning my first scholarship, speaking in front of people, and everything. I was really nervous, but in the end, it was wonderful. :) So that was my Saturday night and weekend in a nutshell!

at the gala:

Isabelle came along with me! This photo is kinda awkward, but I enjoy it.

And to link it all back to fashion, here's the outfit I wore:
Top - Kate Spade (borrowed from my friend Isabelle! She has become my quasi-stylist, if you've been heavily reading my latest outfit posts)
skirt - H&M (in Korea--not sure if H&M's are different from country to country...)

Now that I took my last SAT (last standardized test in general), I feel like I have this heavy burden lifted from my shoulders (so cliche, I know). It's just fabulous. And speaking of all this fabulousness, Halloween as also awesome! Sorry for the belated photos, but better late than never right?

and just for you:

song of the moment -
jurassic 5 - if only you knew

PS. I have a pretty sweet outfit post coming soon!
PSS. I just realized I hadn't posted a pic of myself with my haircut. So yes! I got a haircut! Haha. :)

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